🔫 Westworld (rolling) 🔫


I thought that path crossing took place in the “straight after series 1” timeline - but I really could be wrong on that. What episode was that, 1? Might need to watch that bit again to see if there are any clues


if that’s the case then when in the timeline is the bit where the boss lady is asking if he remembers what happened to Dolores’ Dad? (I’m v bad with character names)


also that English writer guy is getting worse at acting in every episode


I think that’s the most current timeline? To be honest, I’m not sure what we’re gaining from this split of “straight after season one” and “a few weeks later” — I daresay it might work over the series, but so far I don’t see why we haven’t just picked up from season one and went from there (with flashbacks to years ago).


I’ve seen the whole of Series 2. Couldn’t quite get my head around the fact that i’m lying was really i’m still in bed all along, and that might have a burrito for breakfast in the first series actually or maybe a double tuna Subway salad.


I haven’t seen Episode 3 yet.

One thing I’m uncomfortable with is the change that William seems to go through. I don’t feel like we’re given any indication why he goes from a seemingly affable young fellow to such an unpleasant bastard.

It feels too sudden and unexplained. So, yes, he fell in love and then was disappointed that Dolores wasn’t ultimately more than the sum of her coding but that doesn’t feel enough of a reason to take such a callous turn.

I don’t feel like the show has done a good enough job of showing this change.

The podcast I listen to talked about what’s going to happen when young William gets older as we see later timelines - what will they do to show the transition between Jimmi Simpson and Ed Harris who besides being human males look fuck-all like each other?


Fancy tiger lady so much.

Was that symbol in her book the same one that came up on Bernie’s screen when hooked up to Abernathy?


newer timeline - as I think boss lady only turns up in that one???


tiger lady is going to be William’s daughter, isn’t she?




Think it was the second episode. Have they made it obvious that there are multiple timelines (beyond the flashbacks I mean)? I’ve been a bit distracted while watching it so might’ve missed it.


yes they have - there were a few comments making it clear in episode 1


Oops, kept falling asleep towards the end of that one so might need a revisit!


You keep your mince pies off her. She’s got nothing to do with you.


wait why though


second ep i loved. third felt largely like a passing of time.

my money’s on delores or teddy having replace bernard’s mind in the later timeline. as in written over his character with their own.


I’ve no long winded theory, merely that in episode 2 we got a little scene with William’s daughter at that retirement party.

Next episode: mystery female appears


ah damn it i should have thought about that. yeah that’s a good shout tbf


also the end of ep 3 feels kind of great in how low key the moment was. i was expecting them to crest a hill or something and a loudhailer going ‘welcome to shogunland’.


Same. Which was the moment I decided to give up on this show. Just feeling like a slog.