🔫 Westworld (rolling) 🔫


For what it’s worth I did think the second ep was better, then the third lost me again. Probably just stick it out but it’s using up the good will the first season won.


For me, the time shifts don’t add anything to the story. They just create muddle for its own sake without any satisfying payoff.


i think the time shift this season is specific though (i’ve blurred out why above) wait no i havent its above that post




Very much enjoyed episode 4. Might actually have been the most enjoyable episode of the show so far for me.


That was a pretty incredible 69 minutes (nice) of TV. Agree best episode of the show yet.


Enjoyed episode four a lot. Still think the multiple timelines are a load of waffle but that was great.


Watching episode one, very much feels like it’s gone and Game of Thrones’d itself already, shame.


The ‘reveal’ at the end was entirely flat as they all but told you in the ‘previously on…’ bit at the start. Felt like an oddly drawn out way to do that scene when there was no real drama in it.


thought this one was a bit better than the rest of the series cause some cool/interesting shit happened and dolores wasnt stinking the joint up, still felt like turning it off at times.

the pacing is appalling. they give you the answer and then tease it for aaaages - who didn’t realise that bernard had made the mess in the lab for eg? took about 15 minutes for them to show it. could be effective if they never gave you a definitive answer, but to labour that long and then confirm the obvious. fuuucking hurry it up, mates.

that little kid who ford was speaking through at the end had the coolest voice.


I get confused - did the man in black’s wife kill herself or his daughter? (and if it’s the latter than presumably the daughter we are seeing here is a hosty recreation of her???)


Wife killed herself
He told the host scottish guy


u r so smart!


This ain’t my first rodeo


Peter Mullan looks quite a lot like Alan Sugar sometimes doesn’t he?


Can’t wait to try explain all this to my mum when I see her next. Multiple timelines, different versions of the same characters etc do not work when I know she’s half watching when ironing or reading the paper.

Overall it’s really connecting with me a bit more this season. Getting a bit Lost-y, but hopefully learning from the missteps that took.


Why do they have to torch the entire room every time Delos needs a reset? Seems like a waste of record players, exercise bikes and other resources.


Really enjoying the Gamespot breakdowns. Think some of the 2+ hour weekly podcasts out there are a little ott, so these are a nice light companion to clarify stuff.


Definitely getting some ‘Lost’ style vibes as well.

Can’t put my finger why but really hate the Dolores stuff (apart from Teddy doing his best ‘woooah’ face every time his minds blown which is hilarious) so glad to see that she wasn’t in the latest episode. Maybe that’s a tad harsh as did find the episode where she had contact with the outside world a little more interesting. Enjoyed William digging into Lord Sugar .


Yeah, they’re giving Dolores very little to work with. At least Maeve is getting to show some semblance of personality, Dolores seems to become more robotic as she goes on (maybe they think this is a satirical comment on something or other).

I hope there’s more Peter Mullen to come, because he’s the best.