🔫 Westworld (rolling) 🔫


It was such a turgid shitshow. Even more annoying when the fog lifted in episode 8 and there was an inkling of how good it might have been. The final episode’s multiple endings were each more awful than the last. If ever a franchise needs a change of showrunner, this is it.


Extremely u wot m8 finale.


Right!? Can’t believe this wasn’t just the final episode ever, have no idea how they’ll keep going after this (sorry if this has already been covered, I had way too many unread posts in this thread so just skipped right to the end).


It takes a special kind of effort to make a show about robot cowboys rising up to kill their masters this boring.


I’ve watched another twenty minutes of the finale, I’m now about halfway.

I’ve seen the library! What a lovely load of guff.

And the doorway! Amazing.

So many questions but I guess I need to wait till the episode is over, just in case they answer them.


Didn’t think Twin Peaks 3 was that confusing, just mad fun. I’m a couple of episodes into this and it’s OK, if a bit slow.


Agreed, think the point I was making is that Twin Peaks has a bit of a reputation as being surreal whereas this isn’t trying to be but often feels like it.


The last episode was just unambiguously awful wasn’t it. Couldn’t bear to watch the first 10-15 minutes, felt like watching a stupid high budget video game. Everything after was just spectacularly dumb writing.

Maintain the first season was great, but they’ve done an awful lot to trash it with s2.

Also, worse than LOTR for its multiple endings


Yes, it’s utterly atrocious.

I thought that the exposition couldn’t get worse and then we had the scene where Bernard realises that he’s been imagining Ford’s presence in his mind. I think that’s genuinely the worst writing I’ve ever seen on screen in a supposedly quality show.

Nolan and Joy ought to be made to walk through the streets with someone ringing a bell behind them and crying ‘Shame’.


God yeah that bit was terrible. Played as if it was a big reveal a la s1, except… It really wasn’t.


Here’s one, how do you and Nolan have the cheek to peddle this shite?


I find Bernard/the guy who plays Bernard really quite likeable but fuck me that goodwill was lost by the end of that confused mumbling exposition odyssey.


Must he always be whispering too?


Yeah, he’d need to give me an incredible massage and make me a fabulous roast dinner to turn things around at this point.


If you’d been given those lines of dialogue you’d be whispering them as well.


Just read the episode synopsis on Wikipedia for all the stuff I missed (gave up midway through the Shogun World episode).

Sounds like it was a pile of wank and nonsense. Was there any reason at all for the season to be broken up in to those timelines? Feel like the show would be massively improved if the majority of it occurred in real time with the occasional flashback.


That definitely would have improved it. I don’t know if it would have improved it enough for it to qualify as good, because I’ve forgotten most of the plot now (and won’t ever rewatch season two to remind myself of it). It’s really bizarre how a “prestige” TV show doesn’t have anyone on board who realised that script needed entirely reworked.


It was the very definition of wank and nonsense.

I’ve not seen any production team just trying to wing something like this for a long time. Such lazy writing.


I forgot about this show. It’s wild that as soon as it should have got really good, it got really bad.


Nah, it wouldn’t have drastically improved things.

And yes, to spend that much money on something and not have anyone capable in charge of the script is incredible.