🔫 Westworld (rolling) 🔫


The original film is pretty cool I think (not seen it for years) Yul Brynner is good in it

There was a little reference to the movie I think in episode 1. One of the characters says something like “We’ve not had an incident here in over 30 years”

Westworld was basically a dry run for Jurassic Park - Crichton recycled his own idea


But Westworld was over forty years ago…


was the original film set in the future though? Dunno


That was the big coup wasn’t it, essentially getting Brynner to repeat his Magnificent Seven performance but as a bad man this time.


I thought the 1st episode played on this pretty well, I assumed the guy on the train was a tourist, and when Ed Harris showed up dressed in black thought he was being the Yul Brynner robot gone rogue. I’m easily led though


You’re completely right chief, that’s exactly how I felt.


bloody love Ed Harris

this was good. Evan Rachel Wood really reminds me of Anna Paquin though which is distracting.


Whereas I’d worked everything out before it even started.




Yeah before then


Just watched this for work. It was OK but I didn’t love it, not sure if it’s something I’d stick with if it wasn’t for work. There’s some interesting stuff in there though so I’ll give it a little more time


She’s very good in The Duke of Burgundy as well


Thought the second episode was a bit better. Cool seeing things from a guest’s point of view, and Hopkins’ plan has coloured me intrigued.

Bloody love Sidse Babett Knudsen as well. If you like her and haven’t seen Duke of Burgundy then SEE IT IMMEDIATELY.


Felt the need to post this in this thread.


Liam McPoyle :smiley: Was disappointed when he ordered whisky and not milk.


the dinner scene was an obvious homage to this though


I like how the pianola played No Surprises


Only seen the first episode so it’s obviously early days but it’s really difficult to see where this can go and offer any actual surprises for the viewer.

There’s lots to enjoy, particularly for anyone who’s played Red Dead Redemption, it’s not exactly inspiring me to keep watching.

Shouty English bloke was pathetic, obvs. Didn’t hate Hopkins which is rare for me.


This is getting really expositional now isn’t it? Didn’t really need that scene after Delores couldn’t pull the trigger to be explained, it was fairly obvious by the look of Evan Rachel Wood’s face, have some faith in your actors you HBO twats.

Odd seeing Trevor from Grand Theft Auto 5 kicking about.


I’ve seen the second now. And somehow I feel like there’s potential despite almost everything being on the table and there being seemingly nowhere to go that’ll be revelatory.

This maze thing is vaguely interesting, right?

I have a massive problem with the non-gun violence though. As if it would be acceptable to stab people up - it’d be fucking mayhem.