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Who else think Bernard might be a robot himself? Seemed some obvious juxtaposition of his backstory (dead child) with Ford’s uploading of a new backstory for Teddy and the idea that these back stories ‘anchor’ the robots. idk but I think there’s definitely be some humans who turn out to be robots and so far he seems the likeliest candidate


Yeah I got these vibes too, especially after the conversation in Hopkins’ office. It’s really quite a trashy programme isn’t it.


Not necessarily Bernard, but a ‘they were a robot all along’ reveal has to be on the cards surely?

Enjoyed the third episode a little less than the first two. The cycle of repetition is getting a little stale, I’m patiently waiting for all hell to break loose.

When is Tessa Thompson going to turn up?


Yeah, said this to my housemate after episode 3.

In the first two epsiodes they made it look like it was Ford who was trying to create “consciousness”, but this week they did that Bernard / Dolores reveal. Maybe Ford is using Bernard as some kind of robot proxy creator dude, feeding him these stories (the Arnold thing seemed like a load of shit) so he can do his bidding?!

I tend to go off on speculative tangents and go too far with it when I watch programmes like this, so that is probably all rubbish.


Baseless speculation aside, the thing I enjoyed most in episode 3 was the guys in the camp getting stuck in a loop because none of them could chop wood.


only watched ep 1 so far,
rewatched the film first - hadn’t realised it was the first film to feature digitised images or that there was a sequel - futureworld


Wasn’t that a good job on young Tone Hopkins?


How did they find an actor that looked so much like him? Great casting.


I think they made him from Tone’s DNA 40 years back in anticipation. Probably the pinnacle of man’s achievements just passed in the blinking of an eye.


Would make sense what with Michael Crichton’s involvement.


this is interesting - makes sense to me

and how he is always having conversations with Dolores

and i guess he is the sex toy of the former Danish PM as well


Yeah that was really cool. Great to see a snippet of their rationalisation as to why none of them could chop wood too.


can’t really be arsed persevering with this.




I’m still enjoying this. Loads of great moments in this weeks episode. Trying to avoid all the crazy fan theories about multiple timelines etc. and enjoy it at face value. I’m going to start getting pretty frustrated if we don’t get some sort of real resolution/progression soon instead of just heaping on more mystery.


so is Ed Harris this Arnold guy? Just an old bloke with alzheimers, lost in his park and can’t find his house?


Guys, this is really boring. Shouty English man is possibly the worst actor I’ve ever seen in anything, ever.

Having said that, Thandie in Design was a good scene.


Still really like this.

Enjoying next day’s Watching Westworld podcast too. It’s all about the fan theories yo.


Not yet watched this week’s but fuck me this is dragging on a bit isn’t it?


I don’t know, for some reason I’m really into it and I can’t really explain why.

I think the podcast is helping though. I might well have given up without it.