🔫 Westworld (rolling) 🔫


I think I might re-watch and do the podcast alongside, feel like i’m missing stuff and it’s a good show but fuck me it’s hard work. not watched the last couple of episodes


It’s really adding something for me.

I was unmoved by the first episode. Thought it looked good but couldn’t see where it could go that would surprise or interest me. Then I realised it’s a more subtle and slow burning narrative. The podcast is helping with that. Just hoping that it doesn’t ultimately disappoint, though I’m enjoying the ride for now.


Don’t think it’ll disappoint those who are happy to go for the Spielberg fantastic explanations, like me.

Think it will probably disappoint the asses who write 70 page essays about how they’ve already figured out the entire series. Lost was the worst for that


Does this improve after 4 episodes? Because so far it just seems to have gone down the lost route of mystery upon mystery without any actual plot to drive you to really care.


Hearing good things about the latest episode.


Spoilers this week:

God the Mcpoyle Delores train thing was awkward


Dunno what all you remoaners are going on about, this is great fun. Watched it all this weekend which kinda helped maybe? Wish I hadn’t read this thread, annoyed at the Bernard spoiler thing but was pretty obvious I guess.

Really enjoyed the last scene of this latest one though.



[spoiler]Fair play to the chap upthread who reasonably guessed Bernard was a robot. Makes sense as he’s the only one they’ve bothered to give any backstory too. Scandi woman bound to come back as a replicant too yeah?

Tessa Thompson opening the door naked after shagging her sex robot was so HBO it was actually a bit embarrassing.



This was meant to be a general reply, these bastard boards.




just what is Thandie going to get up to now?

other than being a bit nude at least once or twice an episode

overall I enjoy this show, but there some ordinary casting at times (or just bad characters) especially the shouty englishman, and the board boss/sex robot loving lady



People who don’t think this is great: you’re the same fuckers who think Game of Thrones got better when they started having big set pieces every second episode, aren’t you?



This is getting shiter by the week.

Those two lab techs more worried about losing their jobs than a violent robot amassing an army ok sure


Gave it a chance until episode 6.

It fucking shit, but looks nice.


yeah. 6/7 it kicks in with where it’s headed properly


probably gonna give up on this.

how are the two technicians so easily manipulated by the robot woman? I dont think she has anything against the asian guy, and the other one seems to be operating a minor sex ring at the park. Are they that worried about getting sacked or something? Also no one appears to question them while they’re animatedly talking to or fighting with the robot, despite the whole complex comprising glass walls.


And there being cameras seemingly everywhere when it suits the plot. Lot of absolute wank mate.