🔫 Westworld (rolling) 🔫


I enjoy this. It’s not brilliant but it looks lovely and is fun. Much like my penis.


i can confirm this


wait, maybe they’re robots too and are part of Arnold’s ‘plan’?


Literally couldn’t give a shit anymore m9.


Yeah - it’s pretty ridiculous isn’t it?

This whole Maze thing is going to be nonsense too isn’t it. Ed Harris’ character makes no sense. Like how has he made these huge leaps of logic to get wise to it?
How long are those 2 guys on holiday for anyway?
If “the company” want to get their hands on lots of “data” why don’t they just put it in a bag and walk out the park with it?


Cheers. I’ll see if the wife can be persuaded to bother



I understand Felix’s position more. I think she’s genuinely bewitched him. But Sylvester’s compliance (however begrudging) is more difficult to explain away.

I like the show a lot though, especially when followed up with a Bald Move podcast discussing all the ins and outs of a cows arse.


Wow it’s a real multi-platform experience isn’t it. You learning Black Hole Sun on the piano as well pal?


You betcha. And I’m learning to write code to create my own hosts.


And I am not one of those hosts. So don’t ask if I am because you will find that I am not.


Think this would probably be really silly, but I reckon that everyone on the show is a robot and Arnold is their programmer. Some of the stuff doesn’t really make sense unless they’re in a programme, e.g. how guns can blow robots’ faces off but only sting humans a bit. Tony Hopkins is Arnold’s Bernard who went rogue and took over the park to enact a brutal regime of murder, rape and the denial of free will.

Or something.


That shouty English bloke certainly acts like a robot!!!1


god i hate him


Don’t worry, he’ll 100% be dead by the end of the series


In a year full of bad things he’s in my top 3.


I hope so chief, I really, really do.


I was getting pretty fed up with this - but the last episode was pretty good. I’ve gone off an read a big explanation thing of the multiple timelines theory - and I think that is helping with my enjoyment. However I’m not sure you should need to do lots of reading to properly understand a TV show - so maybe it’s a load of rubbish after all


Yeah I think that’s the kicker for me. Not got a problem with people doing it at all but I’d rather not have to read a load of fan theories and listen to a podcast in order to understand a TV programme that I don’t particularly enjoy. Agreed though, last episode was good and I’ll see it through to the end but I don’t think I’ll be back for series 2.


This week’s ep was admittedly better now that they’ve shown their hand a bit, but really can’t see myself having any interest in this going in to a second season.

Following all the action is such a ballache. Feels like it was designed from the start to be rewatched again from the beginning once you have the facts. Can’t think of anything worse.

This weekend’s is 90 minutes! 90!