🔫 Westworld (rolling) 🔫


I’ve not read anything and I think I understand it perfectly well? I mean I assume parts of the Arnold storyline are supposed to remain a mystery for now (although I’ve kind of just assumed that he’s coded parts of himself into the hosts/the Westworld computer system, seems the most likely explanation for what’s happening to the hosts and I’ve not been given any cause to think differently), and apart from that there’s really not much that’s difficult to follow.

Really don’t get the apathy towards this show. Great setting, mostly very solid acting, plenty of good set-pieces, lots of carefully placed imagery, even a bit #makeuthink. It’s not, like, The Wire or Twin Peaks or anything but it’s definitely better and more fun than the likes of Breaking Bad and definitely definitely better than something like Boardwalk Empire which seemed to get far more positive reviews.




I think I meant ‘enjoy’ rather than ‘understand’. It’s not a complicated watch, just quite a tiresome one for me
Clive. I really hated Breaking Bad and gave up on Boardwalk Empire after series 1 so I guess I’ll lump this in with them.


Finding William a lot more annoying than his brother in law. Imagine you just want to go on your big bonding trip and shoot robots and your brother in law falls in love with one of them and completely ruins your trip.

[spoiler]These fucking lab techs! People have died!

That pop music wank was especially awkward. Why couldn’t he find somewhere with a curtain?

Young Tony Hopkins looks like Wayne Rooney

McPoyle changing in to black clothes was especially lame. Did he actually murder Logan?



Top, top, top entertainment imvho.

Loving the anti-cap revolutionary violence overtones, and sincerely hope they don’t turn Dolores into a villian


Liked the finger nibbling to Glass Candy scene :point_up:


that Asian lab tech guy - wtf maan!

so where does this go for a second series?


was pretty funny when asian tech guy thought he might be a robot - and did a little robot dance


there’s going to be a loooong gap before the next series - so we will all have forgotten what happened/ stopped caring by then

last episode was good - liked the little extra post credits sequence. Will the next series be lots of faster paced robots gone wild mayhem?


I hope so! I’ll admit that last episode coloured me intrigued for series 2.


Overall I really liked this. It’s far from perfect but it looks gorgeous and there’s some great performances and interesting ideas going on.

Not entirely convinced by the transformation of William and as a podcast listener this has been predicted since episode 2, so I’ve had a while to prepare for it.

There’s a lot of holes to pick in this show and I think you have to decide that you’re opting in, warts and all. Understand completely if that’s too big an ask.



If i look and it’s not got one i’ll hunt you down


it’s there - promise


30 seconds with tattooed bird cutting her arm off?


Forgot to say during ep 9 - big fan of william doing a McPoyle yell at one point :smiley:


that’s it - hope it wasn’t too much of an anti climax after I bigged it up


Yep it was. You might want to change your name to GBH’dTim


:grinning: I feel a bit bad that Sunny tainted me appreciating his work in Westworld.


A weird amount of people saying a show about Anthony Hopkins running a themepark full of robots became a bit too unrealistic around the time a lab technician started feeling empathy for Thandie Newton with her knockers out.


Cowboys, Indians, Robots and boobs. What’s not to like ?