🔫 Westworld (rolling) 🔫


yes! so i watched all of this over the past few days while i’ve been off ill. can’t say I was too impressed. looked nice, (most of) the acting was good, music was good but idk wasn’t what i was expecting i guess

thought there would be more of a mystery element to it? it just kind of trudges along.


It was really shit.


i mean you could say it wasn’t amazing. but really shit? c’mon buddy.


I stand by it. Loads of waffley boring nonsense and that’s from a Twin Peaks fan!


thought it was alright. Far from amazing, but enjoyable enough.

Prefer the film, obv.


there was nothing pulling me back to it, I never felt like I absolutely had to find out what happens next or anything. don’t care about any of the characters, would quite happily never watch the next series.

but it wasn’t shit. just alright.


yeah this is fair. i know what you mean about it not pulling you back in, especially in the second half. like half one is ‘ooooh i wonder what this mystery will hold under its- oh there isn’t one it’s just fine.’


Season 2 in Aprl (feat. piano Kanye cover)


can any one of you tell me what happened in the season finale?

  • ye
  • no, it was bollocks

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mind has rejected it. we should all just watch deadwood again instead.


Still don’t understand people not thinking the first season is great.

Second one will be rubbish though. First season was basically self-contained and will probably be a bit tarnished with evil dolores and all that.


The finale was class, m8. Robot uprising as metaphor for a solidifying class consciousness and violent proletarian revolution.


Dunno, I’m well into the idea of ten episodes of just downtrodden robots slaughtering 1%ers.


Could maybe get behind that, just know that they’re gonna try make us side with the poor persecuted hoomans though


should have gone with piano cover of wiki wiki wild wild west


It’ll be as unengaging as the first series but I’ll probably end up watching it.

I look forward to not bothering to think about the plot because anyone who’s killed will probably turn up later as a robot.

Still, looks like this season might feature way less gratuitous boobage so that’s something.


Absolutely knew that it’d be a cover of ‘Runaway’ before I even clicked the link. The original is so much better than that version that it’s scary.


Westworld was one of the very few shows where the nudity was fully justified. You think Thandie Newton would be okay with getting it all out if it was just for the sake of titillation?

Probably just as many penises too btw


I mean for years TV shows could show nudity with actually showing lots of nudity. But really it’s always struck me as bit false equivalence to be all “oh look, they had penises too”.

On the one hand there’s the whole let’s not be Victorian which I get but there was a whole general side to Westworld that was naturally "here is world primarily for rich men to shag expensive Real Dolls which means lots of attractive lady flesh on view. And however justified from the artistic point of view we know the guys commissioning this were likely from Weinstein side of things.


Nah I don’t know that, and it doesn’t have any bearing on the product imo.

The point of the nudity wasn’t to show how much fun the guests were having or whatever, it was to dehumanise the robots, or at least show how they were dehumanised by their economic circumstances (as products rather than beings). It worked very well imo


That’s… Is that going to be your take on nudity in general from now on?