🔫 Westworld (rolling) 🔫


ok Mary Whitehouse !


No, obviously not.

Maybe if the show weren’t tediously dull it would be worth a longer discussion.


I’m going to offer that this thread perhaps isn’t for you


Season 2 might be better. Lots of reasons it could be.


Quite enjoyed the first season, although it was hampered by being built around some LOOK EVERYONE HERE IS A TWIST moments in the last two or three episodes.

If they can avoid that type of thing this time it should be good.


I like it and am looking forward to the new season.


me too


I’m cautiously looking forward to it

I got a bit fed up with the 1st season half way through - and it only really clicked when I spoilered myself with fan theories (which turned out to be correct). This for me was a bit of a failure on the writer’s part - just a bit too complicated.

But season 2 could be a right laugh if they get it right. Or it might be rubbish


Don’t think the intricate plotting and timelines did the first season any favours and found it amusing when Reddit theorists worked the whole thing out in advance of any reveals.

Will begrudgingly watch season 2 but not happy about it.


I think they essentially wasted a season by not having the Geoffrey Wright thing as the big reveal.

As for the nudity, none of it felt unecessary bar the Tessa Thompson’s scenes maybe, but i’ll bow to their better judgement. Of all the people to call umbrage at nuddy robots i’m surprised it’s Teho.



It’s back! Downloading now. Will be giving all Reddit speculation a wide berth this year. Hope I enjoy it more for that.


What we saying then?

I’ve watched the first episode of Season 2, (illegal download y’all) and enjoyed it.

Have already had a theory pitched to me that I never would’ve come up with myself. If it’s true then it will definitely kill the surprise that I would almost certainly have experienced later on. Much like knowing from early on that there was the whole William is the man in black theory.

Would prefer a different character to Lee (or maybe it’s just the actor, can’t make up my mind if it’s poorly written or performed but he just doesn’t seem real to me).


Now TV is £5 a month with no contract, there’s no reason to watch this illegally.


There is if I don’t want to give Murdoch any more of my money.


Really, theft is okay if you don’t like the person you’re stealing it from?


Theft is ok if I’m cool with it.


It isn’t, though, is it.

Anyway, I think I’ve forgotten about half of the first series but I enjoyed the series two opener. The fuck am I going to read anything on Reddit about it, though.


Is Lee the story-writer? Yeah, he’s shit.


Can’t believe the actor’s actually English.