🔫 Westworld (rolling) 🔫


Really shit


Reminds me a bit of Colin Murray for some reason


maybe cos he’s shit


Enjoyable enough first episode, bit long, bit sadist too.

Which host was that in the water at the end?


Also - a rare instance of a named character showing their penis on HBO


The ironically named teddy flood


Found last season to be quite a slog and really struggled to find anything to root for. The new episode was kinda dull and hasn’t altered how I already felt about this show.


Look forward to your review of episode 2.


Not Maeve? Not Dolores? Bernard? William (even if it mighta left a bad taste afterwards)? I think round the midpoint my attention faltered but it picks up so well on its way to the denouement.


Question about the ending of the episode, blurred just in case someone is stupid enough to be reading this if they haven’t seen it yet:

Right at the end when they find all the dead hosts in the water, and Bernard says he killed them all… Is that something we’ve seen/heard anything about earlier, or just a giant cliffhanger?


I’m not invested enough in the show so there won’t be weekly grumbles from me.

@Cervantes Thandie Newton and Jeffrey Wright are doing some fantastic work with what they’ve been given but sadly I can’t get behind their storylines.


Yeah that’s fair! It’s early days for the second season but I’m not finding it nearly as compelling. I feel like they’re just finding reasons for it to exist now the core stories have been exhausted. Lots of it might have been better left to the imagination. But I can’t really begrudge it all this because it was wildly popular and that’s just what happens with popular shows.


I thought it was a great opening episode.


Maybe I’ve just gotta give it time to get going!


They’re doing a two timeline thing again so I assume it will be revealed over the course of the season.


Yeah - that confused me. There was a short flashback shot of Ber-naaard firing that machine gun earlier on in the episode which sort of threw me.


A cliffhanger, I believe.


Also, as I understand it, there’s almost no profit to be made from a single season show. You have to make those successive seasons to make money.


So d’you think it was all planned out from the start with an eye on further seasons? The first one just seemed fairly well-contained and focused to me.


I’m not sure. Clearly writing for tv is such a precarious venture and some writers are going to gamble and think in multiple season arcs and others plot more conservatively.

There are definitely shows where you can see that the writers had one major storyline that they pretty much complete in one season and then they dangle a couple of threads that could be developed in the next season if they get the nod from the network. Bloodline is an excellent example of the latter (and I appreciate it’s an example I trot out regularly).

With Westworld and its obviously phenomenal start up costs I can’t imagine that the writers would have been allowed to be coy about plot and arcs beyond a first season - it would be financial suicide otherwise.

I hate that it’s all about the Benjamins.