Wet and Wild Wednesday

Mornin all

I’m about to cycle in and stand on a picket line for several hours in this :placard: :triangular_flag_on_post:

Tell me about your day


Going for my flu jab. Then work. Then nothing

Solidarity with you @urbanfox :fist:

And with anyone else on a picket line today :fist:


You’re doing the Lord’s work, @urbanfox - hope it’s a reasonable day.

I’ve been up since 6am - I was hoping to get a presentation done on the train yesterday but the train was too crowded. Haven’t got dressed yet. Hopefully my motivation will kick in at some point?

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Rains a bit heavy this morning.

Windy windy but not wet, yet. Dropped eldest at breakfast club, dropping wife at work. Then day with the youngest. Taking him to a play session at the leisure centre. Then off shopping. Listening to American Football for the autumn vibez

Gooooood morning.

Baby was up from about 2 and I took over fully so my girlfriend could get some sleep around 5.30. Finally got him sleeping about half an hour ago so I’m blasting some white noise, drinking coffee and scrolling the sites.

Work today and then I’m being taken out for dinner later to celebrate the end of a big project I did earlier in the year, just need to try and stay awake for it.

Getting close to needing to figure out how our stupid storage heater system works :confounded: fudged along with it manually last winter but actually need to work out the timer etc this time which I truly cannot be bothered with.

Morning all,

Absolutely chucking it down. Can hear it through the windows, not undrawn the curtains yet.

Chilling on my bed drinking a coffee and (re)watching the office while mini has a post milk snooze.

Need to go to the outlet shopping centre to swap a tshirt, and get my mum a birthday present while im there. Also there is a huge home bargains so will have a look in there for…you guessed it…bargains!

Having chip shop for tea so thats exciting!

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Cat decided 3am might be a better time to ask for breakfast today. He’s such a little punk :imp:

My headache is lingering but seems loads better. Going to wfh though anyway in case it comes back in earnest.

Chai levels are :warning: EXTREMELY LOW :warning:

Day #4646373774 of staying with the in laws whilst we wait for new flooring to be installed at our house. Feels like time has stopped moving… somehow got to find the energy to keep going :grimacing: … only 3 more days, god willing


The child was awake for about an hour at 2.30 this morning, and then I was up at 6.30 to get into the office. Zzzzz

And then I chose to go to the gym before coming to my desk, so consequently I’m utterly exhausted. I might have to try and find somewhere for a nap.

Managed 11 minutes at my desk before wanting to bury my head in my hands today

Got an interview in 10 mins, and the never-ending quest for a job continues… not sure how I feel about this one, putting myself in a positive mindset every time though.


Packing up orders and listening to Illmatic. Someone just brought me some coffee. In a good mood today for some reason. Who wants some beer?



Although @Twinkletoes is probably gonna be needing it!

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DM me bbz

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I was just looking at the Fortnum & Mason website, as you do, and the drop list of titles you can select from is quite something

I went for Squadron Leader in the end, hope they don’t do any checks.


Haha I ordered something from there as The Hon. Mr Justice not that long ago!


I’ll just take the coffee please!

Proper crashed in the last hour but my wife’s nap requirements probably take priority over mine…