Wet and Wild Wednesday

Omg I completely missed Silly Baby #2 was on the way! Congrats!!!

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Really resenting being awake right now

Absolutely sodden. Gotta cycle home into the pissing rain and a raging headwind now. Fucking train drivers.

Gaaaaaah evri are so shite. Look at this photo they sent me of someone else’s stairwell.


I did miraculously manage to find it after buzzing around other buildings but that’s not the point.


That’s not a delivery photo, that’s an early 2000s post rock album cover


Think I forgot to post earlier - it’s really windy out my window

Went to see Peaness last night, they were ace. I should have gone straight to sleep after and not watched MAFS/ fell asleep on the sofa

Glad I only had 3 pints though, incredible restraint

Still on this lovely run of feeling chill during working hours, hope it lasts for a while

Looking forward to a quiet one tonight - gonna get stuck into The Bear :bear:




It’s a bit quiet in the daily threads these days, eh?

My AA membership comes to Admiral Keith [surname]°

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excellent, we need more of this sort of thing

I once sent my dad a parcel addressed to The Reverend [dad’s name], but he just got a bit confused.

My conpany has a list like this. 5 years working in customer service and I didn’t encounter a single Wing Commander.

Boringly customers didn’t seem to choose fake titles for a laugh either. I dealt with one “General” who obviously wasn’t really a general, but he was claiming on the phone to lead some kind of citizens’ army and there may have been mental health issues at play, not just someone choosing a funny title for a joke

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I had a conversation with a seventeen year old today and had to explain who Ian Brown was.

That’s how old I feel.

Had tea early cos I was starving

Oven chips, 2x fried eggs plus fried mushrooms and beans, outstanding