Wet Bird

It’s weird to think of a bird getting wet isn’t it. They have to fly around and sometimes it’s raining so they must get wet sometimes but I can’t imagine it. I wonder if they like fly between the raindrops or something

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What about ducks?


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Ur waterproof

No I’m not

Prove it

I can’t…

Are swans waterproof too?

I saw some wet penguins on Frozen Planet the other night

Penguins aren’t normal birds

Why not

Like a penguin is it’s own thing. A penguin is a penguin but a sparrow is a bird

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What’s a duck then

How about an emu, or ostrich

Seagull? I’d expect a seagull to be wet.

Duck is it’s own thing. Emu and Ostrich are both the same thing too (not birds)

This has really made me think

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About why I opened this thread to start! Burn!


Oh no!

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Explain birdbaths.