Wet Leg general thread

They seem good, yeah?

New single

From the Isle of Wight apparently @plasticniki

Anyone seen them live?


Tickets go on sale today for their first proper tour since Chaise Longue blew up - might see if I can grab one for Bristol.

Two great singles but ngl I’m slightly conflicted about the dialled up wackiness. On one hand I think yeah this is fun - music needs more of this. On the other hand I can’t shake this niggling feeling that they could be the IOW Electric Six :grimacing: .


How do you feel about Confidence Man, which is what I’d say these guys seem closer to?

Anyway, I’ve no issue with fun stuff like Electric Six TBH.

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Might also look at going to Bristol if you want s buddy :star_struck:

I really like them. Pop fun with excellent tunes.


Too offbeat and wacky for me. They’ve got a hook in them though that’s for sure

I really liked Chaise Longe but wasn’t too fussed about the second one.

I could be won round though.

I’m not sure. Saw them do a small set at green man and was a bit shrug about them. Catchy mind

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I really like both singles and will probably listen to the third one should Wet Leg decide to release it.


Like the singles and getting my ticket for the norwich date today. Tried to get in the tent to see them at latitude and the queue was massive. They are supporting shame in a month and so I’ll catch them then.

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grabbed a few for Edinburgh, 6 months gives them plenty of time to write some more bangers!

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They were amazing at Green Man. So much energy. Had Chaise Lounge on repeat for ages after. Excited for the album


Find it a bit weird how they kind of exploded from nowhere, massive A-listed single and signed to Parlophone out the gate, but basically non-existent on the gig circuit until this year?

Love Chaise Longue as a single, though.


They’re on Domino, not Parlophone.

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one of those threads that would be very different on the social board


I assume it means something rude but I am not familiar with the phrase

They were named after the infamous Morrison’s box of wet eggs

this is probably false but I wish it was true

My 12 year old daughter loves Chaise Longue. Was a difficult conversation explaining the muffin buttering line. Don’t know where to start with the new single.

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I’ve really got into these two songs recently, they’re good fun, great videos too.

I’m a fucking lobster!!

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Really like both singles. I like that the new one is a bit different from Chaise Longue. Much as a I love Dry Cleaning and the album will be near the top of my AOTY list, I’m not sure we needed another band doing the same thing.

I like them a lot, but that’s because Chaise feels strongly like La Femme, who I adore.

Don’t think they’re wacky per se, more just paying homage to a specific production/writing era