Wet Monday

Monday today. Wet one. What’s happening with you?

sunny outside = not wet…

been swimming = was wet…

makes you think :thinking:


Glorious sunshine up here this morning. Summer is still trying up here, just.

Fig just came in = wet

Did you take him swimming?



Vet Monday :slightly_frowning_face:

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Thunder and lightning at 1am last night was wild, not heard anything like it for some time.


My girlfriend slept right through it and only found out about it when she asked why I looked so tired this morning.

Weirdly nice here this morning.

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I bet you do you dirty bol- oh hang on.

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Been up since 5am, cheekster 2 wouldn’t settle, so sat downstairs with him and naturally, he drifted off so I just sat up with him on my lap until cheekster 1 woke up. Don’t feel too bad though. Not got much on today, so hopefully can coast through.

Good morning

It is currently Not Wet here, so I will endeavour to take the dog for a walk before the wetting commences.

Gonna have some dippy eggs and soldiers for late breakfast when we’re back and then it’s into work at 1230.

Chucked it down overnight, woke us up at 3am. Sunny now.

Good morning.

I get to drive a simulator train today paging @urbanfox !

Busy weekend cycling


It was gross in the night but blue skies now. Don’t @ me about the weeds I’m merely a guest here. Plus the tort eats them.

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Loved the midnight storm. Windows wide open, full Michael Jackson in Earth Song mode.


On the train to the office after the school ‘run’ (more of a walk in our case).

I daren’t open my back pack to check if my work laptop is in there. It’ll be alright, did you say?

Played the tutorial of Wingspan on the Switch last night. No idea what I am doing and now I am on my own. Will try and figure it out tonight

There was a storm?

Loads and loads of lightning and a torrential downpour in NE london at about 1am, but there wasn’t too much thunder.

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I’d imagine it passed through here too but I must have slept through it!