Wet Monday

Having said that, I’m now stuck on the sofa. She’s snoring :shushing_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


omg I get to see my baby after nearly three days away tonight :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears:


Just had a great time with the geography lads at the uni. Geography lecturers seem to be a gbols. No one prove me wrong.

Have discovered 2 more series of Dogs Behaving Badly AND an Australian one.


And it’s two years since my first date with eric :innocent:


Our leak damage insurance claim is finally with the team that books in the repairs, only 6 months 1 week after the leak was first reported. Lead time for repairs is 6-8 weeks though :sob:

Just ordered a replacement shower (to replace the current one that broke due to the leak) and bath screen (to replace the current one that is so encrusted with limescale that nothing will shift that it never looks clean)

Glad I made enough for two mugs of chai as this shit is delicious.

Gonna make it my go to winter staple.

Survived the hygienist, didn’t expect to be hearing Super Bass by Nicki Minaj playing whilst having a clean and polish

Dentist waiting rooms are the most uncanny for this. Standing there with that cold void feeling of a numb mouth while the woman behind the counter waits for the card machine to work. All the while, dance anthems from no later than 2007 blare out tinnily from the ceiling mounted speaker.

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Cascada must be raking in the royalties from dentists


I’ve done this on part baked baguettes a few times recently. Bit of lime pickle on there as well.

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My dentist always has Radio 2 on. To the point that I associate Ken Bruce’s voice with being at the dentist.

Everythime we touch is a banger


1 hour 15 min in for a joyous remix of it

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