Wet n Windy Saturday Thread

Alright? Fucking wild weather here, don’t want to go anywhere but work is soon :frowning: What you got going on then?


Morning funko. Got a lot on to be honest.

Stewarding church, kids communion prep, cut mrSs hair, write Christmas cards and go to post office, have a nap and then it’s a local Indian…going out out!!

Already wrapped a load of presents so that’s productive.


Alright funkmeister. Weather ain’t so bad here. Big spring clean, gonna listen to loadsa tunes. Watch the footie, Yo La Tengo Hannukah live stream this evening. Should be alright


Gonna go buy some fancy cheeses at the farmers market this morning, and then some comics.

Got a family zoom thing this afternoon. One of the bright spots of this year is that I’ve done a bit of reconnecting with my fad and his side of the family, none of whom I’ve had much contact with in the last ten years or so. My gran is the best :heart:

Then we’ve got a ticket for the replay of the Yo La Tengo Hanukkah show this evening, which I’m v looking forward to.


Morning Funky and co :blush:

Fell asleep stupendously early for a Friday night so I’m up early! (For me)

Going to make a cup of tea, put on the Christmas lights and maybe wrap a few presents. Think I’m meeting a friend later on but we have no solid plans as of yet.

Good luck getting to work lovely funks, the day will be over before you know it and you’ll be back safe and warm at home! :slight_smile: xxx


Morning Funkman, other GBOLs!

Got to head to do the final big shop before Christmas this morning, then doing some mastering work and making noises with synthesisers :musical_keyboard:

Also got to do a socially distanced present exchange at some point, which in my head will be like a scene in a film where two criminal enterprises meet up in an abandoned warehouse, then one sets down a suitcase of money in the middle of them and the other puts down the ‘merchandise’.


Pissing it down here atm, and I’ve just realised we have some blocked guttering, so that’s good. Ummm, going down to see my family (socially distanced ofc) and give out Christmas pressies. Feel a bit sad, but that’s it. At work at 5 tomorrow morning, so that’s my weekend (and last day off before Christmas) done

:wine_glass: :dancer: :crazy_face: :meat_on_bone:

Off for work, then straight to a xmas party with 3 friends :two_hearts::two_hearts: Long day though


Another Saturday, another waking up in bed with all my clothes on



We’ve had a relatively lazy start so far - well, if you can call being up before 9 lazy. No big plans for the day. I might pop out to stock up on beers for Christmas this afternoon, although not sure quite where I might go yet. Other than that nothing during the day. Zoom music quiz tonight, like every Saturday, probably festive themed, but there are some people who never put on quite as much effort and end up doing a “90s” round. Again. (Not complaining too much - that’s my era so I’ll score well)

Morning all :wave:

Good start to the morning: watched the Low Christmas special from last night (thanks @guntrip for the link! Got a lot of catching up to do). It’s not as rainy as forecast so probably going to go for a walk this morning in the woods.

Plans for the rest of the day: maybe watch the Southampton v Man City game (we have an Amazon Prime trial and the eldest said she wanted to watch a Premier League game), make guacamole and salsa, make pizza, watch Arthur Christmas… That’s probably about it.


Tomorrow is Sunday.


:camera_flash: :spaghetti: :drooling_face:


Taking a photo of delicious spaghetti?

Delicious porridge with peany b for brekko with a nice cuppo coff.

Yayyyy feeling very cheery right now. Also lovely and wonderful as usual to have some zoom fun with @barleysugar, @fappable, @Aggpass and @anon50098204 :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Yeah was great thanks all

No idea how it ended so going to assume I fell asleep with the camera slowly zooming in on my face, then me waking up, getting naked, then rolling around on the floor crying and laughing at the same time

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Day ended in -Y?

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Please ban yourself.