Wet Tuesday

How are your days lining up? Looks like wet play at lunch time today. Hope you’re not going to get too bored not being able to go out and play British Bulldog


I’ve phoned in against. Probably am well enough to go in, but still not 100%. Done 1 part of drop offs, now about to do part 2. Hoping I feel like eating later. Pizza on the menu apparently


Mrs F is also calling in sick. There must be something going about…

Gws though.

I have my first follow up appointment with my epilepsy consultant this afternoon. Doubt anything dramatic will come out of it but I’m still a bit nervous about making sure I say/learn as much as possible.

Morning, does indeed look wet outside which probably means no work today for me. In turn this means I can do fun stuff instead. Every cloud…

I’m reading your post and looking at your avatar and it’s amusing me a lot



Can confirm it is very wet. Need to pop to the shops and get ingredients for dinner. Other than that, I will be sheltering from the rain.

Finally mustered up the enthusiasm to get out of bed and go to the gym but saw the rain and got back in bed

Happy Tuesday!


Day trip to London for work. Left home at 5:55. Will be back just after 9 this evening. Bleurgh.

Morning all!

The Child was up at 6.15 so she’s definitely well enough to be at school.

It’s raining here too but that could be any day of the year in Glasgow. I listened to that Sherelle fabric mix from last year on my walk in. It’s really good. I might listen to Comradely Objects again on my way home.

Should be in the office but going to wfh. Absolutely lost all motivation to do so much as an email.

Think a pastry would help matters.


Wasnt supposed to be working today but think gonna work from home and take Thursday off instead.

Think ill do some boring adminy things and then read my book

Not planning on going in the wet.

Quite looking forward to more soup for lunch


Hello, on a v e r y slow train into London right now. Hungry. But if I’m lucky I’ll be able to see one of my atds later!

What crappy weather today.

The radio station (that isn’t Dissonance) is taking a hiatus from the start of next month, so tonight’s going to be my last show with them for a while. It’s a bit sad, but it looks like they’ll be back in some shape or form at some point, so it’s Au Revoir rather than Adieu


Looks like pretty grim weather out there, but I’m WFH all day so that’s a good and nice thing.

Not much else to report for now!


Feeling a bit under the weather (both mood and health), think it’s to do with the sudden lurch into winter. However I’ve got a day of wrapping up a few projects so I’ll feel productive and distracted at least I hope. May also book a little winter break if one of my outstanding invoices gets paid this week.


Feel Better Cheer Up GIF

(back pat not spanking)


That is clearly two dittos…

Hope you both feel better soon.

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Can’t work out whether I’d get more wet by walking to the shops or cycling. Obviously the bike is much quicker, so I’m in the rain for less time but I feel like it’s not that simple.

Car is completely knackered and now my iPhone is borked and won’t turn on, gonna be some lovely repair bills coming in soo

Why does this sort of shit always happen at the same time?

Day five of dealing with a sick toddler on almost zero sleep. Power cut in our area as well so I’ve given up, stuck ‘Finding Nemo’ on the laptop and I’m hoping for the best.

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