Wet Tuesday

Havent been able to decide between coffe and tea so have had a neither so far

I’ve woken up feeling ill. Not sure if actually ill or just my body being rubbish.

feel like I ask this every other week but do we have a general IT help thread?

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ugh, horrid isn’t it!?

Feeling very sorry for myself. Off sick but took my and other kids to school, then had to walk the dog, then tidied breakfast and put the washing on, then work rang even though i’m off sick legal need some information today! (shouldn’t be last minute chumps then should they!?) so just finished doing all that. now i don’t have time to curl up in bed and watch a film before counselling which is what i really wanted.

What a horrible post full of self pity! sorry.

Have fun out there punx


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Feeling this so much. Actually feel okay today, slept well and I have quite a straight forward day full of little but non taxing tasks which would be a dream normally and the day should fly by but I cant muster up the slightest motivation to crack on


Just FYI for any Tom Waits fans who aren’t afraid to venture onto the music board - we’ll be starting a listening club over there soon. Lovely weather for it, innit?


Horrible out today. Just got soaked walking to the dentists.

Got here to get reminded today is to see the hygienist, which is never fun.

Middle management immediately giving away that they don’t know what they’re talking about is always a pit of the stomach feeling, eh. I’m sorry man.


My last hygienist appointment wasn’t too bad to be honest. I’d been giving it some with the old electric toothbrush and interdental brushes and it looked like it paid off. My local dentist has two hygienists, the “nice one” and the “stern one”. I got the stern one, but she was very complimentary about my gum line plaque levels and hardly submitted me to any real agonising pain at all in the process.

17 degrees F here this morning. High of 35 all week. Freezing, yes! Winter is officially here. Thank the lord, best time of the year.

goddamit just got landed with a massive bit of work

don’t they know I want to have a 3pm nap

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I don’t remember seeing one but it might be useful

genuinely love not being a sweaty puddle


Same. I cope much better in cool/cold weather than warm!

Afternoon all

Been to baby group this morning then Morrisons.

Back now, put the heating on, a couple of candles and my comfiest leggings and cardigan and feeling very cozy.

Going to eat my sausage bean and cheese melt soon (its fresh out the oven - thanks iceland) so as hot as the center of the sun atm.

Need something new (to me) lighthearted to binge watch soon so suggestions welcome.

Want me to eat it for you as well mate?

no i would like to eat it all myself please

Got to go to London all dressed up for a “do” this afternoon/ evening. Absolutely furious about it for multiple reasons

Getting SICK of being SICK

Very silly

Pictures of suited and booted Timmy D, please!