Wetherspoons food is amazing

It’s genuinely superb and anyone who disagrees is sadly wrong.


Nice try.

A few months ago I had (I think) a stonebaked ham and mushroom pizza and diet pepsi for about £4.79. A decent pizza, and an excellent pizza for the price.

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Years ago a cookery job came up in the spoons kitchen and it was called microwave technician. Make of that what you will

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Once ordered mac & cheese with extra cheese assuming it was some weird error. But no, I got my mac & cheese and it had grated cheese on top :smiley:


Sounds like a pub fact and a bit classist tbh


The last time I had it it was decent for the price but that was probably 8 years ago

Looks like it’s true

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I thought everyone knew this and it was very obvious. There’s a reason it’s so quick and so cheap, still their food is generally fine and very good value


I think the list of “things everyone knows” is much much shorter than most people give credit for

Not just Wetherspoons, pubs have been doing this for years.

What scares me is the truth behind chinese takeaways - especially those who have the massive menu that seems to be exactly the same as the one next door.


Well yeah everyone knows the list of “things everyone knows” is much much shorter than most people give credit for


Interesting, dunno if I’ve ever had a Chinese takeaway where you couldn’t see the cooks making it in the kitchen

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Don’t think anyone should be surprised that somewhere offering a 100+ item menu out of a pretty small kitchen for incredibly cheap that’s always served quickly and tastes exactly the same at hundreds of places across the country is microwaving their food though


I know every item on that list. As of course does everyone else.


It only seems good cause of how cheap it is, the food itself is passable

eating in a pub seems ostentatious

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Don’t live anywhere near one anymore and I kind of miss having it as an option for cheap, consistent-quality food. Always go to the Britannia Inn before football and it’s always good. The beer in spoons is always well-kept too.

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I worked in a wetherspoons-like pub for years and of course it is.

You use a grill, boiling water, deep fat fryer, and some very strong microwaves.

All the food is frozen or pre-prepacked ready for reheating (funnily enough our curries were boil in the bag while the rice was microwaved), except for tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and cheese.

The bleakest stuff was the meats tbh. Sausages and the horrible frozen chicken breasts we used for so many of our menu’s bizarre concoctions were microwaved. But generally, it was alright.

You know what’s annoying, funko, places that do exactly the same sort of food as wethos (bit of everything, either from a grill or microwaved) and then charge as if they’re a proper restaurant.

Beefeater can eat my ass, frankly