Wetherspoons' range



Apparently, Spoons is now selling cans of Sixpoints Resin, a highly-rated 9.1% Double IPA, all for the princely sum of £2.99 (probably more in that London). What a world we live in!


have been in a spoons precisely once post-brexit, and i felt awful about it for ages

dunno if / when i’ll ever go back inside one


Went to a Hungry Horse recently. Cheap beer (crap selection though). Bit less Brexity.


Never heard of it, pal.


I went to a Harvester the other day (wanted to sit in the beer garden) and was forced to have a San Miguel as everything else was total gash.


225 pubs nationwide chum. Owned by Greene King.


also had a ‘Double Donut’ burger on the menu for a bit.


9.1%? Nah, yer alright.


Greene King! Urgh.


@hip_young_gunslinger we need to go to the blythe hill tavern soon.

next week? week after?


Only one I’ve been in in the past few months was in Newmarket.

Probably to be expected, given where it is, but even by 'Spoons standards the daytime clientele were odd


9.1% sounds a bit strong for me Clive.


Something not right about drinking a can of beer in a pub.


Yeah, sounds good. Are you around on Sunday at all?


Great tagging for this thread, btw. :smiley:


possibly in the evening but definitely not during the day

next week would probably be better for me tbh


i am now following the pnikkers tag


I had some pink fizzy wine/prosecco in the flat the other night.


Pretty much every pub in Winchester is a Greene King pub. I’ve lucked out