My first ever daily thread :slight_smile:

What are you all up to? I’m getting my brakes sorted this morning and the aerial man is coming round this afternoon, which is almost definitely the plot of a 70s low budget British Erotic Comedy.


“Well I’m definitely picking up some kind of signal in this room PARDON”


@rich-t your dad’s on telly


Left the bulk of some filming for a job until today which is the day before deadline. Of course it’s raining. OF COURSE. FFS.

It’s pissing down so obvs I’m cycling to work. Looking forward to draping my wet clothes everywhere.

Got an Ocado shop arriving this evening.

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Hi dad

Rain’s on.

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I’ve been at my mam’s since the weekend. This afternoon I’m heading home to see the wife, kids, dogs and cat.

Really looking forward to getting home from Leeds at 7pm and going for a run in the pissing rain

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Think ive got a tiny glass splinter in my foot. Freaking out a bit as my gran ended up having her leg amputated after getting glass in her foot.

Freaking out enough to go to the minor injury unit? Undecided.

kin hell


WFH. TV sick and not heading in so I’ll have company.


I’m on my way to Leeds! How exciting!


Teaching my first spin class this evening and I’m already incredibly nervous. Worried nerves are gonna get the better of me but there isn’t exactly anything I can do!


GL Meow, sure you will be an excellent teacher :slight_smile:


off to Corby in a bit.

Looking kinda grim outside

Thanks! It’s one of those things where you have no idea if you’re gonna be good at it until you do one.
I just hope some people show up! It’s a very small studio and there’s a tube strike today!

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Day off today, three options:
a) be self-indulgent and go to the cinema, taxis each way. Edit: would have cycled but too far for my first wet weather ride/don’t want to sit in the pictures all damp/cba.
b) go to an English class I really don’t need to go to but will feel like I am letting my family support worker down if I don’t go. Can get some relatively safe wet weather cycling practice in too, but will of course get wet.
c) stay at home and nap the afternoon away, R’s dad might end up bringing him home anyway and in the other situations it would be difficult.

Sure you’ll get some people, do you think it’ll help your nerves having potentially a smaller class for your first go?