Wetnessday Evening

Evening all!

Wor Lass tried unsuccessfully to make a lasagne in 45m so we had beans and sausages on toast for tea.

No other plans for tonight but could really go a beer.


Had noodles with crab sticks, marinated anchovies, AND fish fingers. Never go for the seafood hat trick usually :yum:

Just posted a £10 morrisons code in the cost of living crisis thread :sparkles: Hope it works for everyone and not just me.

Here’s some lovely autumn leaves :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: :leaves:



Had a decent day parenting today. Now making some bastardisation of pho and ramen and having it with baby corn, mange tout and tenderstem that I’ll fry up after part boiling. Listening to Bob Dylan and got an Overtone beer going. Late shift again tomorrow so maybe a few more overtones? Sorry Keith.

Fish sauce fucking stinks don’t it.


Off to pub quiz, gonna get some arepas

Played some of my new PS4, enjoyable but one game I bought wasn’t scanning so slightly annoying there

Feels about 10 already

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I haven’t had an Overtone for ages.

They’re a good bunch of beers.

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Baby asleep on my chest, pizza en route. Exhausted but very happy.


Spag Bol for dinner. I might have a beer too - there’s a good looking Vault City can with my name on it in the fridge

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This is odd


Made burritos and nachos for tea cause we seemingly only eat Mexican food now. Just put up a towel holder and a toilet roll holder and now I’m gonna watch Hell’s Kitchen until I start snoring I think.


Shocker of an evening. Dog pulled his lead out of my hand as I opened the dodgy bolt on the back gate, ran to the bottom of the drive, thought it was a great game to then run off across the road and up towards his favourite fields. Just as the heavens literally opened, insane rain and hail. Luckily stopped to wee on a lamppost.

Idiot pup.

Anyway, all safe now and it’s potatoes, veg and sausages for tea. Then cake and bake off.


Yes they are



Fired the slow cooker up for the first time in a few months and did honey chilli pork for tea

Probably watch the first half of some football and then head off to bed because I’m in at 5am even though nothings happening workwise until about 8.30 :expressionless:


Also chucked some veg in the slow cooker to knock up a stock overnight. Fun this innit.

Washed a rug in the bath and threw away an old pillow. Tore the pillow open cause I was interested in whats inside and the amount of feathers is ridiculous. Don’t want to throw those away so I’ve put them in a bin liner.

Look at all that. Not sure what do do with them

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Make a new pillow?


Proper chef’s kiss this. Remarkable


Going to watch snl with a hot water bottle on my back sdmmdue to 37yo problems.

Man, to think I’ve been posting on here for nearly 14 years, fucking hell.

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Got a recipe please?

Fuck, that was amazing. Best broth yet