We've been over here on the new boards for a while now, so I think it's about time


That someone started doing THE QUIZ (please)




^Mods, please ban this very rude man


Have you not read discourse’s T&Cs? “no quizes you fucking twats”


look, the quiz was widely acknowledged by all the good people to be the worst thing to ever infect the forum. Let’s leave it back there. Hated and forgotten.




@cowcow ?



  • I like it and I’d like it back
  • I didn’t like it but I’ll allow people to do things they enjoy
  • I’m a fascist

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People who like quizzes vote on things.


Needs an option: “I’m relatively new to the boards. A quiz sounds like a lot of fun!”


Should try a new format rather than ‘Name a type of tree’ thing which was rubbish.


The quiz haters are the types who’ll build a poll without a second thought, that’s a kind of quiz mate!




I wrote 60 possible AQOS questions down during a CONFERENCE CALL OF DOOM recently and sent them to CCB.


I’m staging an intervention.


@cowcow has the rights to THE QUIZ at the moment. I’ll pass these on though :slight_smile:



Hey, I don’t play the quiz I am just happy for others to do things they enjoy.


Nice one Jesus.


first law of robotics