WEvening. A wednesday evening thread

My ATATD moved in nextdoor to me last week. Been trying to get her here for years. So happy.

Going to use my spare key to let myself into her block so I can knock directly on her flat door and use the element of surprise to enable me to sing the Friends theme tune first, because everytime since she’s moved in she’s beaten me to it and I am irked. She knows how much I want to sing at her first and I’M GUNNA.

Chopped the very top of my thumb off yesterday, left it hanging on a bit and I’ve caught it on so many things today.

What a ramble. Your turn…


Still at work. Not working just cba to stand up and go.

Workin late, probably do a wagsies. Shrug.

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bake-a-pot-at-o + chilli

Same! (Well, sweet pot wedges and chilli)

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AIBU? My uni’s just made some huge schedule changes (adding another series of lectures on thursday, which they just announced today at ten to 4pm)
How the fuck am I meant to organise my life at such short notice? I’d already had to agree to hours for October that I can now no longer work, so I’m going to be put at financial risk in the short and long term. Doubt they’d bother keeping me I’m so flakey now.
Am I entitled to send an absolute bollocking of an email because I really feel like it

sweet potato was my first choice but i couldn’t find one

Lentil Bolognese and spaghetti for tea. Cee bee aaaaaaaaaaa

Need something good for dinner.

Nothing else happening tonight. Shattered and a little coldy.

Evening all. Outstanding first post, Scout. Wish I had an ATATD, let alone one who was a neighbour :slight_smile:

Got some Foodbank work that needs doing this evening - am doing an assembly at one of the local schools. Hoping to find something I’ve done previously and just change the stats.

It’s a nice evening though isn’t it?

my cold has officially arrived so i am gonna make an extra garlicky, chilli, gingery chicken noodle soup for sinner tonight.

That’s great news Scout. :+1::grinning:


Stir fry for dinner then an early night, cos my alarm is going off at 4.30, so I can get a train to Gatwick, then I’m off to France for the weekend. Technically that means I’m on holiday right now!


Thinking of doing accountancy training.

This evening will involve the thinking, not the training.

You’re a saint to us, Lopes :slight_smile:

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going out to some film at the london film festival, hopefully will be shit

going to have to wear a winter coat, what a mixed-up world

I’m on the bus home to see how much damage there is to my car.
I had to rush to work this morning so couldn’t really look into it then.

Whilst it was someone who hit my parked car and they admit fault its literally the day after I changed insurance providers. So I’m wondering if they’ll think its dodgy.

Watching Seinfeld, eating various snacks, got leftover dauphinois for tea later, had a bloody great first day of holiday.


Swam 20 lengths after work in 24 mins. Down from 30 mins last week. Fucking love being immersed in water.


Feeling any better?

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Evening all. Just been to say bye to a couple of mates before my travels and had a few pints. Bit teary on the way home, didn’t expect that :grinning:
Oh well. Chinese already ordered

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