WEvening. A wednesday evening thread

Maple syrup on ice cream

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I haven’t got round to it yet. There’s a new version of Get Me Away From Here… on it I think, not sure why. Haven’t heard HTSOHP since one listen when it came out. I’ll stick to reliving the glory days I think.

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Acceptable in the absence of Monster Crackin’

He thinks it’s food. He thinks everything is food.


Think @japes’ joke needs all the help it can get

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Think it needs a ticket to joke Dignitas tbh.


@jaguarpirate POTW please

I know but it could be called the ‘Compoonity’.

where there’s a will, there’s a way


Ywot now?

You win some you lose some - Find two random strangers and tell them the two different versions and get back to us with their feedback

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Yes that’s right. I’ve got a soft spot for the Storytelling soundtrack. That whole period where they all hated each other before Isobel left - some great music came out of there. Might stick that on, actually.

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as featured in my dinner tonight (pudding, not main course)

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ooh what would the savoury version be?


Scooby Driver :heart:

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I’m not sure whether to salivate or gag at the thought of savoury Monster Crackin’ … There’s a crackin gap in the market though.

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squeezy bacon? you pour it on and it sets crispy?

christ :nauseated_face:

Or like that Primula stuff that has the bits of ham in it?

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Bought squeezy cheese with bacon in from an American website once. It was nice, but I think hardening would have made it un-nice.