WEvening. A wednesday evening thread

why am I watching the apprentice

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Oh I missed this news! <3

Near Turin with the famalam, should be better than grey Scotland anyway. All the gelato and pizza forever

I’ve ventured onto the Music board (there be monsters…) to mention it. I just saw it pop up on my FB feed earlier.

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ah cool, was there in august

Any particular recs? It’s in a village in the hills so not right in town but still

do you think the lead singer of rem would go out with me?

nah, you’re not michael’s type


Oh my


I bought this for M when she was born (she hates it) and named it Michael Stripe



@anon5266188 one for your thread of gold.

Hiya team!

Catching up on bakeoff, drinking a wanker beer and eating this weird chocolate

Pretty good evening like.


I know this isn’t the joke workshop thread, but how about:

Do you think if I was a member of REM, I’d be in with a chance with him?

No, you’re not Michael’s type

Dunno - the punchline works on the premise that you’re (not) Michael Stipe, not that the person you’re asking out is.

Colle delle Finestre?

not really… was only there a couple of nights so didnt do much apart from hit all the big touristy things. the royal palace was dece.

can’t wait until lunch tomorrow

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Genuinely confused


Then post it! The Community Gold project is collaborative and community driven. It’s bigger than any individual.

Baby No-no turned one today. Feel like I need to give the little blighter a shout out. He had a tough start, showing up 10 weeks early and weighing in at 1 1/2 lbs and after finally getting home for Christmas has come on leaps and bounds. After sing and sign class (he loves it) we dropped off a load of stuff for the nurses and for the parents room at NICU today as a belated thank you. Feels like we’ve somehow got a bit of closure on an alternately crushing and empowering 12 months.

The in-laws hosted a little do tonight which was lovely and we’re going to have a weekend in Brighton to get some time for the four of us this weekend, can’t wait. The little guy is a pure joy and the toughest person I know. He also can’t stop eating. So shout out to Noah and the other DiS little ones, yr a GBOL.

Fucking love ‘im


that’s much worse

Do you think there should be a Community Poop thread for mean or bad posts too?