WEvening. A wednesday evening thread

squeezy bacon? you pour it on and it sets crispy?

christ :nauseated_face:

Or like that Primula stuff that has the bits of ham in it?

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Bought squeezy cheese with bacon in from an American website once. It was nice, but I think hardening would have made it un-nice.

Squeeze on camembert, and it turns into cheddar?

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Used to have that a lot as a kid. Never the shrimp one though, seems a step too far.

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Fuck This Shit :heart:

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Primula with prawns is my guilty pleasure.

I know there’s a school of thought that you shouldn’t have guilty pleasures and people can like what they like. But Primula with prawns for fucks sake.



squeezy shellfish? that’s proper prof k territory


I was going to suggest cheese Monster Crackin on top of pasta and @ him but I like the guy too much to cause him such alarm.

He’s probably got a tube of crab in the cupboard already.

Busy day for Primula on the boards today, dayy thread and evening thread.

I’ve never had it but here’s my annual reminder to all you squeeze cheese fans that I dated the son of the president of Primula, they sold their house to a sultan. Really let the ball drop not doing a primula and sultana commemorative edition. Also their surname is Bone and the son looked like Keanu.

It’s only ever been downhill from there.


That best albums thread reminded me just how much I fucking love Dear Catastrophe Waitress.

Should have called himself the Primula Minister


You know, my friend Dan dated the heiress to the Rank Hovis corporation for a while. Could have introduced your respective exes to each other and they could have formed some kind of white bread and grubby filling power couple. (Dan was a dish back in the day so I could have introduced you to him too).

Can see who would have been the main breadwinner in that relationship.


Rather some ice magic :+1:

Totally welled up at this. Happy birthday to the little guy :partying_face:


And who would have been the big cheese


We should go on tour.

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Look at the fucking state