Tonight feels claustrophobic

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It does, just want the day to be over so I can get on with tomorrow, have been clock watching since 3pm

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Feels like an oppressive darkness, as though its the shortest day of the year again. Fuck this

Alright? Feeling quite sad. Had an argument with a family member and feel quite shit about it even though I know what I said was right and frankly what they said to me was out of order. They did apologise straight away though but it takes me ages to get over that kind of thing.

Dunno what to do about dinner. Jazzed up beans and halloumi on toast maybe.

Hi :wave:

Not saying my period is around the corner or anything but I just cried a little bit because I saw a fox and a few nice stars.

Still on my nature is brilliant emotional high I got to the school gates and started banging on about constellations and how good the night sky is in January.

One dad got excited and started talking about the big dipper and with that I swept my coat around me and vanished into the trees*

*put my headphones on and went back to being the strange woman who never speaks to anyone


Ah sorry, its awful when something niggles away at you for ages afterwards. Hugs x


It was lush.


Cheers Scout. Need to find something to do instead of going through it all again in my head like I have been for the last hour :joy:

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Last day of parental leave. Bah.

In-laws are coming over tonight for 2 weeks. It’s going to be equal parts great and claustrophobic I reckon.

Well if you want to vent just message me :blush:


Evening all!

I had a difficult day at work which involved some verification, a pointless meeting and a training course that did little to enthuse me with the future of my job.

On the positive side, SF chicken and waffles for tea and I’m going to football once The Child has been bathed.

Alright. Saw my nan for the first time since I visited her in hospital in August last year. First time she’d seen my son in 9mths as well. Happy day.

Got fajitas for tea in a bit, gonna drink a few beers and maybe have a shower


Been for a run. Very cobbled together dinner coming up of oven fries tossed about with a load of garlic and gochujang roast sprouts, maybe with a fried egg or 2 on top

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Hello all :wave:

I don’t feel too claustrophobic but that’s because I’ve just been out to drop the eldest at Guides and I’m walking back now.

Not much else to report but it’s pie and wedges night tonight so that’s something.

Making fish tacos. Gonna watch some mandalorian later


How many songs do you think you could reliably name (with a gun to your head) from the longest charting album in the UK ever, David Gray’s White Ladder.

I think it’s just Babylon, for me

spent half my fucking day chasing after something because apparently “my model wasn’t working” but actually they were just reading the wrong column. extremely irked

trying some sort of fake chicken thing because someone bigged it up in the veggie nerds thread, better be good sonny jim! (gochujang heavy stir fry, natch)

Is it the vegetarian butcher cluck off or get absolutely clucked or whatever? They’re dead good

aye that’s the one. excellent

Cluck rhymes with fuck