Weyes Blood

New album is characteristically lush and enchanting. Not a million miles away from Titanic Rising (apparently its the second part of a trilogy) but when it’s this good does it matter?

Especially love this song

Touring next year, I saw her on the last tour and thought she was INCREDIBLE so definitely want to see her next year


Only listened to it for the first time this morning. Loved it. Got Grandaddy vibes from some of melodies and backing vocals. Wish I’d seen her at Primavera now.

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Titanic Rising grew on me loads, saw her at Primavera and it was good but a bit flat compared to the record. Have tickets for the next tour, hopefully it will be better inside rather than on a windy seafront. Not sure yet on the new album, don’t love Children of the Empire. Grapevine and then God Turn Me Into a Flower is my best bit.

My gateway for her was the track Some Winters off the Innocents album. Love that song. The album is good too but that track is the best thing on it. Her best for me is Front Row Seat To Earth, still has a touch of her previous weirdness going on, whereas Titanic Rising and the new one are too lush for my tastes so I’ve not journeyed with her (like with Angel Olsen after My Woman). Saw her live on the Front Row tour, a spellbinder in a small brewery venue in East London somewhere. Then again at Islington Town Hall. Her Cardamon Times EP is fab as well.


Getting strong Christmas vibes off this record. :santa:

Pretty into the start of the album so far, some of it basically feels like what Father John Misty has been doing, except sincere - and therefore not piss annoying. Really lush and delicate at different moments, the hazier ambient passages give me a sense of the newest Florist album too, or Skullcrusher


Buzzing to listen to this when it’s released next Friday


This is flatly incredible

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Loved when she first came across on my radar with Front Row Seat To Earth and her gig at that small Brewhouse/Drafthouse venue that did gigs a few years ago near London Fields near the arches.

Her subsequent album was good. One stunning track and the others were good.

This new album is dull despite about three attempts at listening all the way through. Different opinions etc. but I can’t understand the universal acclaim for this one looking at the reviews. Dull outro music for a Netflix series type of stuff for me.

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This one I loved from her previous album.

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