WFH/not-WFH transition: The Dreadening

My office has been radio silence on allowing people to work from there over the past few months.
I’d prefer it if they sent something out to say “raise your hand if you want to work from the office now 1 or 2 days a week” cause my hand would go up. I like 80% of WFH but the 20% I dislike makes me also hate being at home and I am a huge homebody that it’s really affecting my weekend/evening down time aka there really is none. I need to be physically away from my work sometimes to fully appreciate a weekend but this Groundhog Day is starting to get to me. I haven’t been working in the office since February as our office went into shut down whilst I was on holiday in March.

I’ve been into town twice recently and I didn’t go at peak times so trains were fine. If employers had a more relaxed approach to start/finish times, this could be handled easily so people feel comfortable with travel.

That said, I am someone who is known for trying to send people home when they come in with colds, acting like martyrs being all “I’ll survive” then continue to germ up the place so I don’t know how I will be in this new world. Probably more of a dick tbh but WFH whilst ill has ALWAYS been an option. Men in my office don’t want to seem like pussies for staying home with a cold but it’s not about you being a a pussy, it’s about everyone else not wanting your fucking cold!!!

Maybe I should stay home actually…


I’m really glad that so far, my work has been quite reasonable and sensible about this. They enforced wfh for everyone who can wfh a week ahead of lockdown, then around June they said they recognise wfh doesn’t work well for everyone so people who want to can come in a certain number of days. There’s been no push to get people back in. I’m more worried they’ll start pushing people to stay wfh but it’s a bit early to be concerned about that.

Just this week the bassist in my band said a girl came in to the office literally complaining about having a cough that wouldn’t shift, and not being able to smell or taste anything :upside_down_face: They made her get tested and now they all have to self isolate :upside_down_face:


I dont like to judge but… jeeeze why would u do that???

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I don’t think it’s possible to overstate how much the average person just zones out of literally all information, intentionally, and will just never ever get it (pandemics included). An eg of this- she initially complained to their manager because my pal was making her feel bad! And then was vindicated!!

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And should also note that this isnt an average office it’s part of an emergency service, so shudder to think what the normal offices are like.

think it’s increasingly setting in how gutted i am gonna be to see my wife less :confused: might try and buy a ballet studio next to where i work or something.

Ah, newlyweds :wink:

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I have been one of the first in my place to go back, largely because I was moving house and there’d be a few weeks with big disruption.

Quite liked it at first, but they seem to be ramping up the amount of people coming in which makes me uncomfortable. Plus none of the older staff seem to understand the concept of a one way system somehow.

I will say the main negative about it is losing so much time to preparing for the next workday in terms of cooking food ect

My work is not expecting anyone to go back anytime soon, apart from if you want to or have work that can’t be done from home.

I work on some customers whose servers can’t be accessed remotely, so I’m going I’m on average three half days a week I reckon.

Luckily I live a 20 minute drive from work, so on those days I leave home later, start at 930 to miss any rush hour, work to 130, drive home have lunch and then do a few hours from home.

I’m fine with my company, but I’m getting more anxious as other companies we share the building with seem to be back at full capacity and don’t seem to care.

:smiley: five years down, although nearly 10 together!

if you had the choice you’d

  • WFH
  • WFW
  • bit o both

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Ideally 4:1 or 3:2 WFH:office


Unless there’s an actual reason for going into the office, I think I’ll be flat out refusing to do so for evermore. I can’t imagine my org sacking me for that stance, although I guess we’ll find out :joy: :thinking:


Ideal ratio (home:office)

  • 5:0
  • 4:1
  • 3:2
  • 2:3
  • 1:4
  • 0:5

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…I got this the wrong way round oops

I meant office:home :sweat_smile:


edit made a right meal of that

If they never see you, they can’t sack you.


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