Anyone heard of this? Someone tried to convince me this was a thing last night.

Apparently it’s a challenge to see how far through December you can get before you hear Last Christmas.

I’ve not heard Last Christmas in the last four days. #winning

i’m in

Does it have to be the original?

I’ve just put the Jimmy Eat World cover on because of this thread.

I’ve already lost

put an embargo on christmas songs at home and luckily the bosses have banned that shit until at least the 15th, so i may actually win this

like, any of it or ALL of it?

any, shirley

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Got bored of waiting for a response, so I listened to the original.

I am OUT

Doesn’t even rhyme


Whamaggedon out of here


It’s not called jimmyeatworldaggedon is it?

Good riddance!


Any, I reckon.

Has to be the Wham version though, so someone whistling it on the bus doesn’t count.

Last Christmas is the best one

Wait a sec, just found the website and you’ve got the rules all wrong you absolute weapon :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m out.

Oh, a youtube video of the rules is it? Better click that!



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yeah this is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. why would you even want to avoid this song?!

also apparently the rules are you can’t ‘lose’ if you choose to listen to it yourself, or if someone deliberately tries to ‘sabotage’ you

honestly annoyed at how annoyed i am by this whole thing

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Hahaha. I listen to it once a day, at a minimum, throughout the entire year.


Are you ok?