What a jerk


Everyone’s favourite fat tongued chef, Jamie Oliver, is getting a bit of grief for cultural appropriation after selling some jerk rice pouch thing.

Any opinions on this?
Ever eaten tongue?


He took our twizzlers, he named his kids stupid names, now he’s a daft racist. I hope he dies.


Bit harsh


It’s fine



But it’s not fine


He should only be allowed to sell spam and dripping pouches or whatever it is that you englischers eat.


I think so long as he acknowledges the origins of the food he’s cooking, and pays his dues, he’s fine to do that and work out his own recipe.

I’m a bit confused about this whole cultural appropriation thing - how far does it go? Surely people have been mixing up cultures for all time. I appreciate that many cultures have been at the losing end of this, which is why it’s important to credit where it’s due, but is the end point that people stop borrowing from other cultures (I’m not being a dick, I’m genuinely interested)?


of course I’ve eaten tongue


From reading the article I think the problem is what what he is selling contains few of the ingredients that make something “jerk” and he is just adding the word to hopefully shift some units


I think he’s done an excellent job of getting himself some free publicity. It’s almost like he does it on purpose.


But wouldn’t the flip side of that be that he didn’t use the word jerk, then people pointed out that his ingredients are similar to jerk recipes, and then he’s in an even worse place?


Jerk rice isn’t a thing, so he deserves to be ridiculed.

Reminds of a time at a previous job when they tried “International Day” in the canteen and I had to explain to the chef that ‘rice and peas’ doesn’t mean English garden peas. Nothing to get that upset about though.


Next you’re telling me there’s no bacon in bacon-flavoured crisps


porridge and boiled mutton according to the new york times


Oliver can’t win…poor Jamie…and he has had to close some of his cafes :frowning:


of coouuurrsseee there is!


No, the point is to not exploit other cultures from a relative position of power.


Potatoes are OFF the menu.


He’s innocent.

If food cultures weren’t allowed to mix we wouldn’t have the ultimate hangover cure of chicken balti pasties.


But surely in every relationship one partner has greater power than the other?

And how do you deal with historic cultural appropriation?