What a story



Bump for the day shift.


"In the months after the attack, Alan got a “calling from God” to move to the Shetland Islands.

But he decided to stay put."

is such a brilliant little added bit of information for absolutely no reason.


The whole thing is just… idk.

Kind of fascinating to think about all these stories that go briefly viral, only to die down and leave the people involved in a bizarre situation. Sadly it often seems to end up badly for all involved.


He sounds like a prick


yeah it’s funny how everyone involved comes out looking like a prick




Pretty gross he doesn’t want to help her out. Doesn’t seem very Christian of him??


he’s gonna chuck her a tenner though


Yep. Like everyone


Aye I’m sure she’s fuckin stoked about that. If she could do it again, I’m sure she’d give him £6,687 less!


When the owner of a PR firm is the most sympathetic character in a story you know something’s amiss


The guy might not look tough but he’s got balls of fuckin steel.


why are local news websites always such horribly ad filled loading all over the place hell holes? i mean i know why but jeez.


Yeah, they’re the worst.