What a time to be alive

I just used Google Lens to instantly translate a letter I’d been sent in German. Didn’t have to painfully type anything in to a text box or anything.

What a time to be alive.

do you think ancient romans etc were like “fucking hell we have roads!” and thought about this in the same way?


probably not actually as the pace of change was a lot slower, I doubt most people saw anything new in their entire life


yes this is astonishing!

I think I would be good at being a peasant as I usually eat the same food every day with no problem anyway


I don’t find that to be amusing but I thank you for your contribution all the same.

Any time!

There’s an interesting point about that in here;



oh that graph is scary

This is a good find

Had a moment yesterday when I was wondering what to put on the Sonos where I realised I had nearly all of the music ever recorded at my fingertips and could listen to it in different rooms in my flat at the touch of a button.

(that Sudan Archives EP from last year, since you asked)

Whenever that realisation hits me I panic and put Black Sabbath on.

aren’t you scared too theo?

No, I am the AI future, etc

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I wonder if the pace of change affects the onset and intensity of nostalgia too?

Seems like anything over a decade old can be repackaged to speak to nostalgia and in internet meme terms isn’t something from like a year ago considered with some kind of fond warmth for the past?

That lad did a big hoverboard the other day didn’t he? How exciting I can’t wait to fly away from all of my problems

Remember, your problems are like a backpack you wear under your skin, and no matter how fast you can hoverboard, you will be lighter if you leave them behind.

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That would look great as a motivational Instagram post

That’s how I like to imagine all of my thoughts