What a wonderful Wednesday

Wearing an excellent dress
R’s birthday…officially a teen…
Sun is out

How bouts u Huns??


In bed. Got 2 mins to get to work.

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Happy birthday Mini-Slicky :birthday::gift: :partying_face:

Payday. Big shop.

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Only a minute late. Now to make breakfast.

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Weather is going to be nice so planning a BBQ later after some tedious working from home. Feels a bit weird when I’ll be cooking for one other adult and a toddler - moderate amounts of meat instead of sheer gluttony.

Also picked up a two man tent yesterday for £11, hoping the bairn loves just sitting in that and amusing himself. Ah haha ha hahaha ha, that’s not going to happen but we can dream.

Let’s see dress please slicks


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


HB R :partying_face:! It’s a beautiful morning here, so as is customary at this time of year I think I might be getting a migraine. Still got loads of codeine left over that I didn’t take for my operation, so that’ll sort it out. Got my SEISS grant through just now, so that’s a huge weight off my mind (I can pay rent! Hoorah!). Also just ate some rice pudding. Nice.

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Crap morning, back to work (from home for now) half the staff are embroiled in a stand off with managers in regards to returning to the office (myself oncluded) logged into here only to find someone being needlessly aggressive/twatish towards me for posting that I like an album. Good start eh, anxiety and stress levels are currently off the chart

Morning Slicky, morning all. Day off today for use it or lose it reasons so I had a lovely walk up the river to big Tesco. It’s a bit hot to be moving around this much already.


Classic Wednesday, massively cba.

Today is my Thursday

Was one niece’s birthday yesterday and the other one’s on Saturday. Feeling a bit down about the pandemic today as I’d normally be visiting them. Have compensated by ordering far too many presents to be delivered to them.



Yeah, another vote for cost-benefit analysis. I was in four Zoom/teams meetings during the day yesterday plus two after work; I’ve been in one already today and have got five more to go. I was hoping to head to the coast this evening with the family, but my eldest has a Guides meeting on Zoom :frowning:

Hoping the weather improves for tomorrow evening - it’s currently forecast thundery :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

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Happy Birthday R. :tada:

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Happy cakes @slicky’s R :partying_face:

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Massive pointless anxiety about this weather and not knowing what I can be comfortable wearing even without having to consider going outside. Don’t want to have bare legs but I’ll bake if I don’t wear shorts.

Fuck off, sun


Feel a bit worried and sad about eid because I think so many people will be lax with the rules. Weather is good, stay alert not stay home, people are fed up, itll be a disaster. My shielding aunt wants to meet up with my mum and their other sister to go for a walk which sounds innocent but involves them all being in different households but being in the same car at the same time to avoid public transport. :sleepy::sleepy::sob:

Planned to get up early so I could finish early and go for a walk/sit in the park. Failed on the first part, but think I might just do the second part anyway.

CW: C-19 related

Something about R being supposed to be below 1, not 13.