What a wonderful Wednesday

An electric kalimba, obviously.


at least if you have carpets you can kinda hide the dust for a while

wood floors need sweeping CONSTANTLY. where does it all come from??

Oooh! I haven’t played a Kalimba in years. Didn’t know you cold get electric ones…

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i know. no carpets here.

it’s all dust. from our SKIN. GROSS!

if you’ve got a normal one just put a contact/piezo mic on it :man_shrugging:


Thankfully, I don’t have a normal one, so i shan’t be tempted to butcher it.

Don’t seem to be playing much Tetris, imo. :face_with_monocle:

Yeah it’s clearly a cheap piezo in it, you get percussive sounds by tapping it, then the resonance from the keys.

Sounds brilliant through two delays and a fuzz, which is obviously the first thing I tried.


looking forward to week 17 of lockdown when you’ve modified a dremel to play it :laughing:


Dropped my phone about 4 times this morning. Just noticed the glass back is completely shattered under the clear case thing, so if I take it off glass everywhere

I’ve hated this phone anyway (honor something or other). New phone time

Lads n lassies, I’m shattered.
Working til 12:30am this morning, then back up at 5am to do some more work.

Happy birthday to @Slicky Jnr.

EDIT…but I’m listening to Cave In, so things ain’t too bad!


Can you set up a new iPhone without having to use iTunes/ a computer these days? Maybe you never did, it’s ages since I had one

Work is mad busy at the moment. Poorly timed around me dropping to my 4 day weeks.

Not really a fan of today tbh. Please can it be tomorrow.

You can definitely set up an ipad without one, so pretty sure you must be able to set up an iphone too. I think they figured that they were missing out on selling iphones to all the people without computers so sorted it out.

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Not feeling it today. Off work to look after the kids. :expressionless:
Waiting for a skip to arrive :expressionless:

I did this only the other day :confused: had to log into icloud so I could transfer all my contacts etc, I don’t remember having to do that before! I don’t like things floating around in the cloud i.e. all my 10000000000000 incredibly vain selfies.

i saw this shared on twitter and i thought @kermitwormit had committed a crime or something


Washine machine repairman is calling between eleven and twelve. I have a conference call around then too that I absolutely can’t be fucked with.

Need to do up my Personal Development Plan for work, so going to take an hour off the phones to write “My plan for 2020 is to leave this department.”


All my contacts and stuff are in Google land rather than apple cloud. Im pretty sure that carried over automatically on my old iPhone 4 so hopefully still ok

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