What a your companies gender paygap


Would post link to the calculator but I’m on a bus but thought it’s e a good idea to share. Don’t name and shame if you feel you’d be at risk if you do so. I for one am relieved the trust i work for isn’t included in the shitshow like Hulls is

The average man at this company is paid 1% less than the average woman


Approx 20%




17.2% less at my last company
34% more at the one before


Currently work outside the UK but my old company:

  • Pearson 3%
  • Oxford University Press - hasn’t reported yet.



12.5% here


32.8% at my old place, oof.




Just under 10%.


Current place: 36.8% jesus fucking christ

Old place: 5.4%

Other older place: 20.9%

One place I worked hasn’t reported yet.



17.2%. And there’s a much bigger bonus gap (58.9%)

Also appears that this company is 88% male. Which is both shocking and unsurprising in the software industry.


Men paid 0.5% more here, which I find pretty surprising tbh as I would have said it was a lot more.

My old job is rocking a 34.4% gap, which I thoroughly believe.


Also LOL at Boux Avenue being one of the worst offenders. Bet their management are a right bunch of creeps.


Bloomsbury publishing and Macmillan publishing respectively


Well the BBC data says 6.4%, but that’s what the internal press release said.


I’ve never worked anywhere over the 250 staff threshold.


one could be mean and the other median?


Ours won’t be published because we’re a US company and the UK part doesn’t have more than 250 people.

The pay gap is quite a lot here though. Our UK office only has 18% women so bound to be innit.