What actually even is it? - A thread about what actually even is things

What actually even is a Daim bar anyway?

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think it’s burnt toffee, not sure what that is though

This seems like an interesting lead… Thanks Shrewbs

It’s a Swedish candy bar made from crunchy almond caramel covered in milk chocolate.


They used to be called ‘Dime’ Ant.


Yeah, I remember that also

Showing our age here aren’t we!

Note, they are not to be confused with armadillos, which are made from milk chocolate, covered in crunchy almond caramel.


You might be, I read it on the online web. :bone:

It’s fucking delicious that’s what.

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Haha! “The online web” showing your age there mate, the kids are calling it “the net”

I think we can all agree it’s fucking delicious, Gnometorious. That’s not what this thread is about though.

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Aren’t they like armadillos or something?

Whatever, granddad! I’m too busy roller skating to care.

People are allowed to talk about “What actually even is” other things than Daim bars if they want btw

what is the coca cola flavour meant to be


Personally, I’m happy with the Daim bar theme and think it has real legs.

I still don’t really get how scripted reality TV works