What advertisements do you get on this site?

Now I’m not saying Sean has sold out but here in the US the Rick Springfield banners have been pumping.

Battle Creek, MI just had to look it up. Might go now.

I don’t even really know what mine is for;

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If only there was a way to learn more

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Sadly just absolutely no way of knowing

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The usual classy guy stuff

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I genuinely don’t seem to get on any

(Chrome on pixel 4a)


Kraków’s best shooting range


None! The DiS Premium subscription is working wonders.

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Prancing in the park

Saracens rugby club. :man_shrugging:t2:

What’s going on with Rick’s shoulder in that photo? It’s miles away from his face!

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I don’t get any either.

Edward Norton being related to slaveowners I assume, I can speak Clickbait

Really fancy a big plate of scaffolding now: