What age do we have to wait for Bradley Walsh to reach before we can call him a national treasure?


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Rolling thread for ITV's The Chase

If he lives to 500 I’ll allow it.


That seems unlikely


Yeah, I think Balonz will actually wait until he’s 600.


Pretty solid gag this, nice one.


Who is Bradley Walsh?




There’s always an advert on a couple of sites I read always linking to The Express with something like BRADLEY WALSH AND THE CHASE DESCENDS INTO CHAOS. They’re obsessed. Never clicked on it.


On ITV? That explains everything.


Let’s be completely blunt, he’s not an untalented actor, but he’s a very annoying man.


Ordinarily I’d be responding with “Don’t be like that” but I respect you too much.


Don’t be like that


Sorry pal just feel that by now he deserves to know the truth without sugar coating it


Yellow laughing face


I really enjoy his schtick on The Chase and I like how he’s really bad at the small talk part of hosting but will occasionally accidentally be genuinely interested in something a contestant has said and will spend a bit too long talking to them about it.

I also like that he takes part in Soccer Aid every year but not to play OR manage but to be the Assistant.


Always get him mixed up with that other guy


Darren Day?


Ben Shepherd?


Everyone involved in that show needs a good look at themselves