What age do we have to wait for Bradley Walsh to reach before we can call him a national treasure?



Nailed it.


whos Graham Nolton mate?




Go fuck yourself mate.


woah bad tone!


Paul Sinha had a great joke about this in one of his live shows.


personally i want to hear more about this kitchen


The Panorama documentary features Theresa May and husband Philip watching ITV show The Chase at Chequers


A genuinely humanising moment!


Don’t fall for it. God knows how many focus groups they consulted before settling on the chase for this photo.


theresa may is exactly the sort of person who would take a massive minus offer and probably still bollocks it up.


“I think you could do the top offer but the important thing is to get you back here so I say take the middle offer” - Theresa May shortly before taking a -2000 offer despite having got £6k+ in the cashbuilder round.


If I was the PM my telly would be well more fucking massive than that


I don’t want to cast aspersions, but do you reckon May’s aides have been browsing the forums? I’m sorry to say that anyone who voted Pointless in this poll is now a massive Tory.


Tell us it then…


It’s only really going to sound funny if you hear him telling it. But essentially, he was describing why each Chaser has their nickname, and the above is the reason why Mark is The Beast.


Gotcha :wink: