What age do we have to wait for Bradley Walsh to reach before we can call him a national treasure?


Sadly, in this post-Yewtree age, I think we’ve reached a moratorium on declaring NTs until after they’ve popped their clogs.


Good guesses: keep 'em coming!


Don’t need to, you’re definitely thinking of Ben Shepherd.


that’s exactly the sort of face I pull when people try and take pictures of me because I’m hilarious, like Bradley.


Soundgarden bassist? I find that quite offensive.


Liked him on that UK reboot of Law and Order


Never watched it, Doc Brown was in it right?


they’re not even really safe then. we pretty much have to wait until everybody who was alive (or at least was a child/teenager) at the same time as them has also died and nobody has come forward with any allegations.


Brian Conley




It’s good, but it’s not right!


Better not be Nick Knowles or I’m coming 4U.


Never heard of him. What team does he play for?


Used to be on Brentford’s books, until a couple of ankle fractures ended his career.


Seems a bit low league for Ant to take an interest but fair enough.




closes thread




I’ll declare him one now as he’s actually lovely unlike most Z listers


he seems like he’s probably ok. unlike alfie moon who I bet is a right arse. anyone confirm?