What age do we have to wait for Bradley Walsh to reach before we can call him a national treasure?


Hey Ant I might get a C-Bingz for dinner tonight. My girlfriend’s away so I’m eating a meal for two by myself and watching Everton - Crystal Palace.

Haven’t got anything to add re: Brad Walsh sorry


I’m glad to hear that, I’m only half-joking with this thread, he does seem like a good bloke IMO.


Nice one Aggerz! Cuzza? Cheeky fish pie? Lasagne?


He definitely is. My friend works with him and I’ve met him a couple of times and he’s a sweetheart. Bradley I mean.

Alfie Moon…I dunno. I’m sure that Nolan sister he was married to has probably published some autobiography slagging him off.


I’ll pop down 'troze and see play it as I see it. Might get a takeaway curry if nothing tickles me


Yeah hes a good egg. Seems to have fun on the show unlike the forced fun on Pointless


Deffo Tekkers, I used to enjoy the Pointless schtick but it’s unbearable now, so knowing and forced. Bradders is on a different level mate.


more deserving than anyone on air of an mbe for services to teatime gameshows




An Audience with Brian Conley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdtVr-Zxn-c

Remember Nell McAndrew? (1:50) Totally forgot she ever existed.


Fucking hell this is difficult to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdtVr-Zxn-c&feature=youtu.be&t=115


couldnt say it better meself. I still like Pointless cause I like the questions for the most part but them two trying to be a sophisticated Ant & Dec…urgh

I’d have it like that 100% on Challenge, where there’s no quiz master, just an automated voice. suit me fine that


Reckon there’s a decent thread to be had to rank mainstream terrestrial quiz-show hosts but I’m not sure if I can be arsed.


genuinely remember watching this with my nanna


don’t think there’s that many now is there

the best (shittest) quiz shows are on midday, there was one I caught where it was the bloke who played Ron Weasley’s dad hosting

it was awful


was in a cafe a few weeks ago and caught the one where they bowl a ball with gabby logan. unbelievable.


I don’t even know that one ! I miss Divided with Andrew Castle, that was decent


the edge. it’s got 2.3/10 on imdb :smiley:


Had to Google who Ron Weasley’s dad was but that was the show and person I was expecting. Load of old shite that was.


I saw him live once - he was really funny.

His series ‘This Way Up’ was very good too.

Nell McAndrew is like a super marathon runner now - sub-3hour times and such.