What age do we have to wait for Bradley Walsh to reach before we can call him a national treasure?


Tell you what guys, I REALLY liked Goldenballs with Jazzer Carrott. The bit at the end where people just dicked each other over was great TV


goldenballs was amazing. the tv and i found the board game in a charity shop recently. it follows exactly the same format as the tv show and causes family beeves like you wouldn’t believe.


That is great, great TV.


that was great


Hi Brian!


Brian Conley is also lovely! is he a national treasure?


Only thing I’ve ever walked out of early… him live. :mask::rolling_eyes:


you went to see him live? voluntarily? you can’t put that on him.


Nah, not entirely. Mum and I used to go out on Friday nights to whatever comedy show was on at Southampton Mayflower or Nuffield, she’d get tickets waaaaaay in advance. About 45 minutes in I gave up and went to the bar.


give me a top 5 run down of best comedy acts you’ve seen with your mum.


I shall contemplate this while I walk into town.

Talk to you soon!




I hear they got along really well in real life, but split due to artistic differences (getting hit with a rounders bat was getting old).


#Debut album, OUT NOW!


I did not see this turn of events coming.


Hi second stone avey








What part of Hi second stone avey don’t you get?