What age do we have to wait for Bradley Walsh to reach before we can call him a national treasure?


Basically all of it I’m afraid


Has he ever done anything terrible to give us a reason not to like him? I quite like him.

I don’t like the fat shaming banter he does with the lad Chaser though


But he probably doesn’t write it does he?


Not to my knowledge mate, I think he’s just a legit top bloke (unless you count being mates with Big Sam as “something terrible”)

Aye, could do without this but I don’t blame Bradders for it. An aside: the chaser in question married his cousin when she was half his age or something.




He said something to Shaun on one episode of the Chase recently that sounded nailed on racist. My missus and I both looked at each other in disbelief, but everyone in the studio laughed, so we must have misheard.



Isn’t it basically canned laughter in the chase audience?



I bought it for my brother for Christmas as he is a big fan of Bradley on The Chase.


Nice one mate, discussed elsewhere but my Nan isn’t too keen on it despite liking him as a presenter and has asked for Alexander Armstrong’s album for her birthday instead. Thinking about disowning her.


Armstrong seems to take himself really seriously, it’s a bit off-putting. Whereas I saw Walsh on Sunday Brunch where he got drunk / pretended to get drunk and fucked around and it was very entertaining.


He’s a fucking top bloke mate, Armstrong can stick to his smug bants with Osborne knowing he’ll never be truly loved by the masses.


Which does Carol prefer?


Not sure actually, I might WhatsApp her and ask although I’m planning on scheduling a coffee or something with her in the next couple of months so I might wait till then as it will be excellent chat fodder.


Bradley Walsh is shit


i always get him confused with bradley cooper and then i remember they actually look a bit like each other


Can’t imagine how confused you’ll be when Bradley Cooper guess down


I LOVE the whole two months later thing. Makes it feel like a comic book


So you know that new show Cash Trapped that he’s hosting, did you know he also created it! What a man! Also Cash Trapped/Cash Strapped is a very clever bit of word play. He is truly excellent.