What age do we have to wait for Bradley Walsh to reach before we can call him a national treasure?


Can you give me a quick rundown of the premise of the show? Based on the name alone, I am very intrigued.


Pat Cash is beaten with a leather belt, while Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt plays in the background.

That’s it.


It’s actually very complicated so a “quick” rundown isn’t that easy:



I’m getting an “ahead of it’s time” vibe from that.


You’d be right to. It’s not Bradders’ fault that he’s operating on a level above all of the rest of us.


I’ve just read it and it does seem a bit Numberwang.


It’s still better than Mel off of Mel and Sue presenting Hangman on BBC2 though.


No doubt.


Everytime this gets bumped I think he’s died.


It’s a puppet!!

Oh. Sorry. That was the other bloke.


I once sold him (Brian Conley, not Bradley Walsh) some crab flavoured sticks (did not contain crab) during my time on the meat & fish counter at Sainsburys on the Dome Roundabout, Watford. I can’t remember the quantity - sorry about that.

When I was seconded onto trolley collection one Tuesday evening (quite a lonely pursuit, tbh), I asked Pam St. Clement if I could take her trolley once she’d finished loading her groceries into the back of her Suzuki Vitara, and she said yes I could. So I did, I took it back to where the trolleys were kept at the front of the store for her. Probably about 50-60 metres or so away.

A real hot-spot for major celelbrities.


Two lovely stories, thank you.


there’s a place for tales like these.


Oh I thought it was that one based on the 2p/10p shove coin machines we all played while the dull bands were on at ATP Pontins.

Will now take it more seriously.


That is Tipping Point presented by charisma sponge Ben Shepherd.


Ah yes, thank you :smiley:


I heard that Ben Shepherd loves ‘The Machine’ so much that he’s been kicked out by his wife and spends his nights in the studio in a sleeping bag on the red bit where the coins land after they’ve dropped.


Only time I’ve ever walked out of the cinema/theatre. That fella.


I get him confused with tommy walsh


New Doctor Who companion