What age do we have to wait for Bradley Walsh to reach before we can call him a national treasure?


Shame about this…


Wasn’t aware of this. That makes my Hegerty/Hegarty pun look very awkward…


Oof. Milkshake ducked.


Ugh. I didn’t know about the trans comment but she’s posted on Facebook before that women being intimidated/wary of male dominated scenes like quizzing are weak idiots (paraphrased) :confused:


Yeah, she seems like a real dickhead which is why we shouldn’t be sullying this thread about Bradders with her nonsense.


Sounds like a TYPICAL QUIZZER amirightorwhat!!!


Most people are fine really



this is so deeply depressing


:frowning: really? He seems to be having so much fun though!


it’s either an old man desperately clinging on for relevance in which case I feel really bad for him

or it’s cynical forced happiness for people like UNIBANTS TomDavies95 to post in which case I feel bad for everyone


Or it’s a great bunch of national treasure having a bit of fun.

The cheek of you calling anyone else cynical with a post like that…


I don’t really believe any decent person is that happy


Seems like a pretty mean-spirited thing to believe.


good on you if you can manage it!

Seems to me like with the power of intimacy enabled by the internet all anybody wants to do is act a character.




Wait is this true?


Massive wrasslin fan as well




It sure is!