What age is it ok to watch the following (dadsnet spinoff)?

The Naked Gun
Police Academy

Some other ones.


Watching Airplane! for the first time with my Dad at the age of about 11 is one of my favourite memories.


Nice beaver.

Yeah I am hoping to get that vibe going (and get Hotel Transylvania off the box).

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I have seen Hotel Transylvania 3 but not the other two.

Should probably have grown out of them by 25 I reckon.


In my opinion it is probably the best one.

12 across the board.

Thought 7 was fine for Gremlins, I was wrong.


It’s a fucking insanely plotted film.

(I like the attempt at doing a CGI film with the aesthetic sensibilities of classic 2D animation but I did not enjoy the film Hotel Transylvania 3)

Yeah Gremlins would scare the shit out of him but he was ok with Ghostbusters,. Was curious to know what was going on when Dan Ackroyd was being sucked off by a ghost though.

naked gun you could watch pretty young as it’s just silly and the beaver jokes etc would go over your head, police academy has boning in it so probs less suitable

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Do NOT watch 1 or 2!

I only have half an eye on them so have only seen them in pieces.

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The version of Ghostbusters that I watched and re-watched so many times as a kid what the edited ITV one from Christmas 1987.

It didn’t contain the blowjob scene, or the one where they talk about Walter Peck’s dick.

I was pretty shocked when I later saw the cinema release.

28 years old, I was.

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Yeah they drop a couple of swear words in it too.

Hmmm. Having started watching the original run of the Muppets with my 4, 7 and 9 year olds (girls and boy) I have been surprised at the amount of violence. They love it though.

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Can’t believe you’ve lumped Police Academy (shit) in with Airplane! and The Naked Gun (both brilliant).


The thing about revisiting 80s stuff now is that a lot of what seemed acceptable at the time probably isn’t now. And generally things just not being how you remembered. Example - SpiderMan and his Amazing Friends. Pretty sexist and just a bit weird in places.


Yeah, I was (at work) initially talking about the first two and then someone mentioned PA, which although much worse than the other two is work of genius compared to Monkey Up! or the live action Alvin and the Chipmunks films.

Yeah, the Ghostbusters smoke. My son was shocked.

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